Asherman’s Syndrome

Asherman’s Syndrome, or AS, is not very nice if you want to have a family. It is a condition where adhesions form between the interior walls of the uterus, which lead to infertility that can be permanent.

Asherman’s Syndrome is almost entirely caused by doctors. You may remember a British TV series a few years ago called Cold Feet, in which one of the main characters, Rachel, had what they called “partial Asherman’s Syndrome” after an abortion, and subsequently had difficulty conceiving. I think at one point she was told she couldn’t have children, but got pregnant as soon as they started the adoption process (always happens on TV, that) and delivered a healthy baby 7 or so months later. The premature delivery was caused by a placental abruption and subsequent emergency C-section, which is one of the complications of an AS pregnancy.

AS is decidedly more common than doctors admit, and far more common than it should be. The figures vary according to which paper you read, but here I will quote the figures used on the Asherman’s Syndrome website (

The risk of developing AS from a D&C (dilatation and curettage) performed 2-4 weeks after delivery is 25%. D&Cs also lead to AS in 30.9% of procedures for missed miscarriages and 6.4% of procedures for incomplete miscarriages. The risk of developing AS increases the more D&Cs you have. Most hospitals now use suction curettage to evacuate the “retained products of conception”. There have also been studies looking at the incidence of AS when suction curettage was compared to blunt curettage. Suction curettage caused more endometrial injury than blunt curettage, which contradicts the thought that this is a safer way. Whether you call it a D&C, or an ERPOC (evacuation of retained products of conception), it’s pretty much the same procedure. It’s also (though you may not want to think of this if you have just had a miscarriage) the same procedure they do for an abortion.

So why does it happen? There are two layers of the endometrium; the functional layer and the basal layer. The functional layer is the surface layer, which is shed during a period. The basal layer is deeper, partially embedded within the myometrium (uterine muscle), and is constant, and causes the regrowth of the functional layer each month. If the basal layer is damaged, irreversible damage can occur, i.e. AS. So if a D&C is overly aggressive (i.e. in my case) or if the placenta is too deeply attached, for example, the basal layer can be damaged and cause AS. D&C’s are done blind, so the surgeon can’t see what they’re doing, which doesn’t help.

AS can also be caused by uterine infections, and by endometrial ablation or myomectomy. It can also occur after a c-section.

The symptoms of AS are basically: light or no periods, especially after gynae surgery. Some women experience very severe cramps when their period is due. It is though that this is caused by the blood being unable to escape the uterus, so the uterus contracts harder in order to force it out. Despite what some gynaecologists say, it is very possible to have some sort of period and to have AS. The symptoms may also include recurrent miscarriage and infertility.

Getting AS diagnosed is a struggle. For some reason (if anyone could shed light on why this is, I’d be grateful!) gynaecologists often don’t mention it to you when they get you to sign the consent form for a D&C. I think this is appalling, considering not only the fact that it’s actually not that uncommon, but the fact that it has major consequences on a woman’s fertility. Not only that but you are faced with GPs not believing you, and saying that AS “doesn’t happen”. It’s often missed on ultrasounds, so the only way to diagnose it is through a HSG or similar, or at hysteroscopy.

AS is treatable. The earlier you treat it the better, so if you are worried, you have to push for investigation and referral. During hysteroscopy, the adhesions can be separated. It is ESSENTIAL that someone who knows what they’re doing does this, as it’s very easy to make the adhesions worse. Then, to try and prevent the adhesions sticking back together a coil may be used, or a balloon catheter, or a stent of some sort. After surgery, hormonal therapy is often used to try and encourage regrowth of the endometrium. Under no circumstances should a further D&C be suggested to treat the adhesions; they will only get worse.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, often the adhesions reform after the surgery, so repeated surgeries may be needed to clear the uterus.

Even if the adhesions are cleared there is no guarantee that future pregnancy will be possible. The chances of conceiving, and delivering a healthy baby are greater if the AS is mild. If you do manage to get pregnant, you are at higher risk of miscarriage (oh great, just what you want after this!), placenta accreta (9%, where the placenta grows into the wall of the uterus, which may lead to haemorrhage and hysterectomy if it cannot be removed), placenta increta (more firmly and deeply into the uterine wall),  placenta percreta (all the way through the wall of the uterus and sometimes into other organs. Very scary.) placenta praevia, placental abruption, incompetent cervix, and IUGR (intra-uterine growth restriction). Not pleasant, huh? The risks increase with the severity of the AS.

So there must be some hope, huh? The reality is that yes, there is hope. Plenty of AS women have had babies. In all cases that I know of, the pregnancy has been a struggle, but it is certainly possible to have a healthy baby at the end of it all. For me, I just hope that that is possible, and also that the gynae and GP community start to admit that it exists, that it happens, and start to make women aware of the risks.

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  2. Good grief, I never knew all that. I had a D&C after a partial miscarriage seven years ago: I’m actually pleased I didn’t know all that. It must do your head in, and not in a good way. Thanks for posting all this, and hope things work out for you.

  3. thank you for all the helpful info.

  4. I agree. I never knew all of this until now. However, I think that anything is possible. This information (very emotional) might scare someone in their pants and I think God I didn’t read this information while I was pregnant. Negative reads makes a negative pregnancy. Nonethless, we all need to know (in ENCOURAGING words only) what AS entails, the hopes and the possible risks.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by this comment. Anything is possible, true, but like it or not, AS is very emotional, and it isn’t all encouraging. What’s the point in sugar-coating what can’t (if you’re actually going through it) be sugar-coated?

  5. Well this has opened my eyes agreat deal. I had a undiagnosed partial miscarriage last October and they didn’t decide I was correct in my assumptions until my 9wk scan at christmas! They sent me for an emergency DNC and I had a horrible time with it – I honestly felt at one point I was dying. Now almost year later I still have pain, and many other complications and no idea of what itcould be until I read your article. I am goint to see my GP and enquire about this. Thank you.

  6. thanks for posting!~ I have had an emergency c-section with my first child of whom now is 4yrs old and since been trying to have another preganancy but have had three miscarraiges and two D&C I am very scared that I may have As.

  7. I agree, the information presented here in a very negative light. It almost sounds like intentionally trying to scare women.

    • This is a blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s not meant to be an information resource – if you want that, read a textbook. Better yet, read the research papers on the subject.
      And do you know what? Asherman’s is very scary. So perhaps try a little empathy.

    • Thats all fine and well Mary Dean, unless, like me, you have Asherman’s. It is scary because i may never have a biological child.

      • AS sucks. It steals ur dreams and they just don’t care. It’s just one of those things. Not everyone is blessed to have kids. Feeling annoyed everyday and NO it doesn’t get easier. Step into our shoes and see how it feels. They don’t tell you this information when you go for a procedure.

    • Really, people who are looking for information want to hear the truth. Imaging if you went to the doctor and they said your uterus was stuck together. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t read it. But people should be educated about the good and the bad.

    • I wish someone would have scared me about ashermans a long time ago. Maybe then I wouldn’t have it. Asherman’s is horrible and there is nothing sugar-coated about it. Because I know the struggles involved with AS, I can tell you that this was not presented in a negative light. When you have AS, there is a lot more darkness than this post shares. Its really tough. There are success stories and there are beautiful babies born after AS, but the journey the Mothers go through to get to that place is challenging. I will say that woman who experience AS, become much stronger women than most of us knew we could be. We find that we advocate for ourselves to ensure we get the best possible health care. We learn to master the skills of research as we search the internet over to learn about this condition that so few doctors know much about. We also learn to manage our emotions and hormonal changes on a level we never had to prior to our AS journey. We fight for ourselves and for the children we dream of having once this fight is over. All along, we know this is a fight we never should have had to fight at al. It really isn’t fair. Unless you’ve had or have AS, you can’t truly judge how this post was presented. You really don’t know until you’re in our shoes.

  8. i have ashermans and my heart is broken

  9. I was just diagnosed with Asherman’s today. I’m devastated, sad, and angry. I’ve been going through infertility treatment for almost 5 years and finally got pregnant through IVF. My husband and I were so happy to see our baby’s heartbeat, but unfortunately it stopped beating around 8 weeks. I had a D&C after incomplete miscarriage. I knew the risk of adhesion, but I was told it’s rare. I was heartbroken from the miscarriage, and now I have asherman’s syndrome. I don’t know what to do now. Life is so unfair.

  10. I have had two misscarriages now with Ashermans and each time no natural misscarriage which has resulted in further surgery.
    I am currently trying the combined pill and copper coil after my last surgerical adhesions removal, i can concieve but my body will not grow the pregnancy. This is very emotional for me everyone around me is pregnant which makes it harder to deal with. Heres hoping 3rd time lucky. Nxt consultant appointment is in april.

    Is it true only 40/60 % of women go on to have a healthy pregnancy?

  11. I am sorry Marie & CJ. I was diagnosed with back in 2006 after needing a D&C when my son was 10 days old to remove rpoc. It left my uterus “bald” with no lining and my cervix was completely blocked. It was devastating. I urge you to make sure you find a qualified surgeon. My doctor used the balloon and hormone therapy. Post surgery I had a small island of endometrium and luckily I was able to conceive and carry full term. My pregnancy was stressful but ultimately successful with little complications. It is a hard journey but dont give up. The ashermans group on yahoo is a great support group and they are a wealth of knowledge.


    • Hi J,
      I became a member of the Asherman’s support group after my diagnosis. Everybody in the group has been very helpful and supportive. I’ve found out about Dr. March from that site and am in the process of sending my medical records to him. Wow, you had a baby after developing AS? Congratulations! I’m actually giving up on having our biological child. In my case, both cervix and uterus are shut, so I don’t know if I will be able to grow healthy endometrium even after having a surgery. I guess it depends on how much basel layer(?) has been removed, correct? It’s very hard for me to have hope now. I used to be a happy person, but TTC has been very tough on my husband and me, disappointment after disappointment. Being diagnosed with AS, after going through many years of infertility treatment, just crushed me. Thank you for posting your story. I’ll try not to give up.


      • Could u please give me more info on dr march thanks a lot

        • Hi Heather,

          Sorry it took me a while to respond. I haven’t been to this site and checked my email account linked from here for a while. I think Dr. March is a world renowned AS specialist to whom people go see from all over the world. I had a corrective surgery in March of 2012. I was 41 years old at that time and had AS after about 10 years of TTC. As you can see from the last post that I had lost hope in having our biological child. Surprisingly I got pregnant naturally and gave a birth to a healthy baby girl in September 2013, right before my 42nd birthday. I don’t think this would have happened if I didn’t go see Dr. March.

    • Thanks, J.
      I’ve only got a bit of endometrium left too, but your comment gave me some hope that all is not lost. Much appreciated x

  12. A most painful experience. It should never be sugar coated. Its scary. And sad. They say have hope, but its been 5 years since my missed miscarriage/D&C, 2 surgeries…and 0 pregnancies. Its depressing. And more women need to know so they can make informed choices. Thank you for your blog.

  13. Thank you so much. I am about to have my hysterscopy. I have had 4 D&Cs and 2 miscarries. The rollercoaster feels like it will never end. It mentally and physically has taken a toll on me. Im not sure if this could be prevented. I would like to think it could have. I feel for any woman that suffers and goes undiagnosed. AS is miserable and we all have the right to be angry and sad. If there is a sugar coating I haven’t found it. Love to all that struggle and suffer with me

  14. Hi again Marie, have you met with dr. March? I know you mentioned your cervix and uterus were closed. I had 3 surgeries, one was totally unsuccessful and resulted in a perforated uterus and the final one resulted in the balloon and estrogen therapy. Have you had your lining checked yet? If I remember correctly there was a tiny island was less than 3mm the rest was non existent after surgery. Then he retested after estrogen therapy and the thickest part was around 5 but most was under 2. I never got a triple stripe. I hope you have some encouraging news to report. Don’t give up, dr march is amazing. I went with a local doctor who studied under dr march and was equally amazing. My pregnancy consisted of frequent ultrasounds & heavy bleeding and cramping for the first 2 trimesters. I was certain I was miscarrying several times and ended up in the emerency room and yet I was blessed with a healthy full term baby girl! guess my point is, “normal” no longer exists
    once Ashermans is involved and no matter how impossible it seems, you never know how, there could be a miracle waiting for you.


    • Hi J,
      I was diagnosed AS in Aug.2010 after D&C for missed abortion in 9 week in March 2010. Since then, Ihv had 2 operative hysteroscopies and 1 diagnostic with biopsy, showing patchy endometrium, with islands and areas with atrohpic look. I am now on strong estrogen terapy /12 mg dayly per oral and 12 mg vaginal/. My lining is at approx.8 mm at 14D, but my periods continue to be very scanty.
      Have your periods restored at least at 60-70% before your successfull 2-nd pregnancy and how old were you, me 38 now, and I am concerned, that this also may be a reason for slow recovery. I wish I have luck to succeed!

  15. Hi everyone. Yes. Ashermans’s sucks. My story: several failed IVF’s due to low ovarian reserve. Lost my ovary to an endemetrioma which developed as a result of the last IVF attempt. I decided to give up then, when ….miracle…I fell pregnant the following cycle after having my ovary out, only to miscarry at 5.5 weeks. The following cycle I fell pregnant again, this time miscarrying at 10 weeks (missed). Got “urged” to have a D&C by a very good doctor mind you. I was lying there prepped and ready to go in, and I voiced my concerns re: the risk of adhesions and that I would like it done via a hysteroscope (I’m a medical researcher by occupation, so I can’t help doing research on everything). My surgeon was at that point soooo tired of me always questioning him, that he rolled his eyes at me, cutting me short mid-sentence and telling me just to have some trust bla bla. Well, when you are there on an operation table you tend not to argue too much, so I shut up. I never got my periods after that. Took 4.5 months to finally get the diagnosis (Stage III Asherman’s). 2 surgeries and hormonal treatments followed. I could NOT believe it when I fell pregnant again the following cycle (i’m 40 I should mention). Needless to say, I was cruched when I went for my 12 weeks scan to find no heartbeat. It had stopped growing at 9 weeks. Misoprostol didn’t work. Further surgery- this time hysteroscopically obviously. Couldn’t remove it all. 2 weeks later, surgery again, still can’t take it all as I had developed placenta accreta (from the Asherman’s). Now waiting to see what the next scan will show. Hoping to keep my uterus. Feeling for you all.

  16. i hv had five abortions in yrs back. since i got married i have been trying to conceive yet no success. i hv had 2 early miscarriage. pls help me with some advice, am scared of AS and poor overhang reserve.

  17. hi i had an abortion in march which i never wanted and now so desperate for a baby but have had no bleeding or period since. i have finally been told that i have AS and have appointment for treatment in december but reading all these storys have put me in no doubt that i will never have a baby now and am so destroyed please help

  18. Hi Stacey, So sorry to hear about your situation. Yes…it’s extraordinarily distressing – so unfair. I’m not going to bore you with my long story, but the tail end of it is that I was “pushed” into a D&C back in Oct last year and ended up with Stage III Asherman’s. I knew it as soon as I missed my first period, but took 4 months to finaly get a referral to a brilliant Asherman’s specialist. Had two restorative surgeries + hormone treatments, and fell pregnant the first cycle after that (AND I’M 40 !!). Unfortunately, as it happened I was found to have a missed miscarriage at my 12 week scan (everything had been monitored and fine at 9 weeks). Anyway, a risk factor from Asherman’s is placenta accreta, and I got that two, so needed 3 further operations to try to get rid of the placenta and restore my uterus. I basically really don’t have any hope because of my age, but if you’re not up around the 40, you should be in with a good chance after surgery if it’s done by a competent surgeon. Hope this will somewhat instill you with a bit of hope. Al the best. Vibeke

  19. WOW I had AS after a D &C for missed abortion and two healthy C sections. Took long time to get laproscopy and Dx. I feel so selfish to want a third baby that probably won’t happen now after reading this.

  20. I was officially diagnosed with Asherman’s yesterday, after a failed HsG test (the catheter could not go in my cervix is scarred shut). Your blog is necessary, thank you so much for providing information to women who need it. It took months of my suggesting it to doctors – who all believed I was sufferning from “anxiety” after a partial molar pregnancy/D&C – doctors would rather believe that than face the real fact that I was experiencing painful cramps each cycle without an actual period. I feel both vindicated and sad.

    For anyone who even suspects they are suffering from Asherman’s (and symptoms can include changes to your period flow after uterine surgery) PLEASE sign up with the support group at Asherman’ The information the provided there is incredible. I have an appointment set up with an “A-list” surgeon in a few weeks, and I am truly convinced that finding the right treatment is the key to any kind of pregnancy success in the future. There are a handful of specialists who treat Asherman’s but their protocols appear to have a much higher success rate than REs who don’t see a lot of these cases.

    This isn’t about unecessarily scaring people who have had or need D&Cs . As my partial molar pregnancy could have cancerous ramifications, I certainly needed one and can’t regret having it. But there is no question that a doctor was aggressive in scraping my uterus and right now I am absolutely infertile. Ashermans experts believe that doctors need to rethink how D&Cs are performed (not ‘blindly”) and also need to be re-educated to learn that Asherman’s happens. It is sadly not as rare as people think.

  21. hi vibeke, thank you for your reply, i just feel so alone my boyfriend doesnt seem to care i just feel he has put me through all this just cos he was to selfish to have a baby and now i am unable to have anymore but it doesnt seem to bother him. i am 33, and so desperate for a baby now. we was and still are going through very messy breakups when i fell pg in feb and was a big shock for him. i was so happy and excited i really didnt want abortion but cos i was being dragged through the court by my ex to try and take my to boys off me who are 14 and 11 my boyfriend used this to convince me it was the right thing to do as my children would hate me and go and live with there dad. which i really didnt want as he is very abusive.all i hear from my boyfriend is that all this stuff i read on the internet is rubbish and i will be fine once the doctor has cut it back open and he wont research any off it with me. i am in so much pain from my period not being released and am so bloated and have heartburn constanly i just want to be a normal woman again but know i never will be. i just want someone to understand how i fell i am so heart broken and feel so alone am constanly crying and boyfriend get the hump with me so upset all the time. xx

  22. I wish i had read this before a d&c a month ago. It was the most difficult decision i have made, and sadly i did not do thorough research. God bless you all women dealing with this.

  23. Hello ladies! I feel for all of you!! I have one beautiful daughter (3.5yrs) and my hubby and I have been trying for another for over 2 years now. I’ve had 4 miscarriages (1ectopic and 3 miscarriages with the last 2 resulting in D&C. My last one just 1.5 weeks ago) I wish I had read this blog sooner!! As convenient as D&C is, I’ve been wondering just what is it doing to my body. I am starting to suspect AS, but of course my Dr said not to worry about that. Plus I’m going to turn 41 next week, so I got that going for me.
    As scary as this blog is for some, the truth is not always pretty and I wish I had come across it sooner. I’m glad to have read it incase we decide to keep trying and this happens again. Thank you and try to stay positive ladies!

  24. Hi All. I was diagnosed ith Ashermans yesterday. This ride just gets crazier everyday. Last year i suffered my second mc in September, I was also diagnose with PCOS and a unicornuate uterus! Ashermans diagnosis has broken me. I am waiting for appointment to assess how sever it is but i am just looking for any glimmer of hope. My husband and I were ready to sign up for IVF yesterday when we got the bad news. Has anyone had any good luck after Ashermans???

  25. Lorna, you need to check out right away and sign up on the yahoo group. There are a number of women who have had successful treatment for Ashermans, and many who have gone on to have a successful pregnancy. I can also think of a few women on the board who have posted about struggling with both PCOS and Ashermans and working with fertility clinics. I was diagnosed with Ashermans in November, after months of suspecting I had it but not getting the proper tests I needed from doctors. I am happy to report that after seeing an A-list specialist, my Asherman’s has been treated successfully. Please head to the Ashermans group, I promise you will get more than a glimmer of hope there, and more importantly, you will get the information you need to make smart decisions about your future treatment.

  26. Thank you for this information. I had an emergency D&C after a miscarriage and the doctors rush you through without talking about the risks. I started asking questions and she (the doctor) really got annoyed with me. Anyway, for months after I was in so much pain. Maybe it is better to let nature run its course? I don’t know…

  27. Mary, if you are still having the pain that is a symptom of asherman’s. I was in horrifying pain every month after my D&C, and it came roughly once a month when I should have had a period. Does your pain come once a month? Do NOT let nature run its course, pain isn’t natural. I really suggest you find another doctor. Many doctors get very irritated when you ask questions particularly after a procedure they performed, but it is simply a fact that AS is a risk from a D&C.

  28. i had a miscarriage in 2011 feb and then the doctor told me to do D & C… after 3 months i had period. now i m not able to conceive and as i m having AS…. Doctor is saying for herterolaproscopy and then she will put a loop to avoid regrowth of AS …. i m worried and confused . should i wait or go head with laproscopy from Apollo hospital .

  29. I was diagnosed with Asherman’s last year. My gyne manually removed the placenta after I had a stillborn boy (24 weeks). Since then I have done 3 hysterscopies (2 with laparoscopy)….the pain….anyway, my periods went from 5 days to 0 days and after the procedures, 1 day. I finally decided to get a surrogate only for my new gyne to be happy with my ovarian function and so wants to implant me with a few eggs as well – on the little endometrium that is left. Very worried but hoping and praying that I will be able to carry multiples – there’s obviously no way of knowing but here’s to being optimistic!!!

  30. I was diagnosed AS in Aug. 2010 after D&C for missed abortion. I had 2 hysteroscopies thenafter. The AS was diagnosed as not severe, but anyway 2 years later(after series of hormon replacement terapy with estrogens, vit E e..t) my periods restore, but at 50-60% as quantity or for 1-2 days as length. My endometrium is about 7-8 mm after ovu now.
    After the 3-rd not operative hystero, I was told that the endometrium is partially damaged and there are “iselands” of proliferative endometrium, where by good chance an embrio could implant.
    The bad storry is, that meanwhile the time passed(I couldn’t start any procedure with endo of 6 mm) and now I am 38 years old, so with normally lowered ovarian reserve perhapes.

    I was wondering if it is worth to make IVF in my case, If we count the percentage of success after 35 years as 18-15%, the fact that many women have no success even with normal endo and given the problematic endo after AS, a miracle should happen, that the embrio to find the right place.
    Please give some feed-back, is there a successful story with this problem.

  31. Sonya, I’m curious, have you been attempting naturally before turning to IVF?
    I have heard stories of women with AS on the yahoo group who have pockets of good endometrium where they found success, I would suggest you joing the group on yahoo to seek those stories out.

  32. Claudia,
    of course I have been attempting naturally, I onderwent also 3 IUI’s and had 3-4 light stimulated cycles with u/s exams to know the ovu time.
    The reason could be also in bad quality of eggs, or endometrium.
    My dictor is on the opinion, that if 4-5 good qullity embrios are transferred, the chance would be better.
    I have red stories in AS societey, but don’t forget – everybody has different types of AS, different treatments and most important age. Moreover, I’ve never red in that success stories anything about light periods, grade of AS etc.,
    For example one of the successful stories is for AS removal only with saline solution, you can imagine the difference between 1 to 2 hysteroscopies, no matter if with laser or scissors, and only fine scarr tissues, which could be removed with solution only.

    Sorry to talk like this, but what I mean is, that the virtual community is useful, but the real medical cases and reserches are more than pessimistic in the severe cases. Unfortunately there is still no methodology for endometrium “cultivation”.
    I’d like also to ask you, in case of successful AS removal, do your periods restore and to which extend the quantity and length of the periods, because this is one of the most important signs for successful treatment – treatment, which could enable you to have a chid. Solely the removal, bringing atrophic places in the uterus, is not sufficient for our purposes.
    I wish you to be among the success story providors!

  33. I was diagnosed to be having a missed miscarriage and was given Misoprostol which did not completely terminate my pregnancy. There were remnants which had to be removed by D&C when I started to bleed excessively. Post D&C, I didnt get my periods for three months and when I check with my gynec, he did a few tests (hormones and scans) and mentioned all is well and not to worry. Even after six months I never got my periods at which point in time he suggested for a second D&C. I decided to go with second opinion and sought out a doctor in the city where I work. She put me on several tests and medications and wanted to rule out ovarian TB and a hysterscopy.
    Not being convinced with her explanations for my symptoms I went back to my home town for treatment where I was diagnosed as a case of Asherman’s Syndrome. In a month she put me through several tests and performed an operative hysteroscopy- ballon catheter included, as I had excessive adhesions. I was told that my AS is severe but they will do the best to get me back to my normal state. Post surgery, my periods restored with the estrogen medications. I am off medications now, but my periods flow has gone back to 1 day and the color has changed from red to dark brown.
    I will be 34 in 5 months and I find it extremely difficult to convince myself that I could conceive.
    We are not able to try during my fertile period, for atleast three months in succession. I may be opting for IUI as I somehow want a child of ours.
    I am still hoping against hopes being crushed with every attempt

  34. Priya, please don’t lose hope, you are quite young and it’s important to stay positive . Would it be possible for you to travel for treatment? I would strongly encourage you to seek out the help from a doctor who sees many Asherman’s pateints. Many doctors out there follow the correct protocol to treat asherman’s (as yours appears to have been), but they don’t see enough patients to really become skilled at it. I live in Baltimore (the home of some of the best hospitals in the world) but ended up flying to Boston to seek out the help of Dr. Keith Isaacson, who I learned had success treating some of the most severe cases out there. Many women on the west coast seek out the help of Dr. March in Los Angeles.

  35. is thier any one in chennai who can treat AS

  36. I was just told i have scaring to. I so depressed now, as I was told the D &C procedure was a simple straight forward thing. Now I have to live with this pain. Using American doctors are so expensive, and Canadian Doctors have to clue how to handle it. Quite unfortunate

  37. Where in Canada are you? I have heard of a Dr. Leyland in Toronto whom some women have seen with some success. I understand how the Canadian system makes it difficult to treat Asherman’s but I suggest reaching out to women from Canada on the Asherman’s yahoo group, there are people there who could help you find the right doctors.

  38. I carried my daughter to 40 weeks and 6 days gestation. Due to medical negligence my baby died just hours before I gave birth to her. One week later I got a terrible uterine infection and went back to the dr to find that I had retained placenta. After a “simple” D&C, I was getting ready to leave the hospital and hemorrhaged. I ended going into emergency surgery, lost 3/4 of the blood in my body, got 4 blood transfusions, and spent 5 days in ICU, shock trauma, they called it. Fast forward 6 months, and I was in terrible pain, and not having periods longer than a few hours per month. I guess I got lucky because my mom was googling my symptoms and found out about this crazy little thing that drs never tell you about called Ashermans Syndrome. I knew instantly that this is what was wrong with me. I made an appt with my OB and told him I think I have Ashermans syndrome. Honestly. I don’t think he knew what it was. He admitted that he went too deep into my basil layer when he did the D&C, but I don’t think he wanted to face the real truth of the damage he had done to me uterus, especially since he had seen the horrible effects losing my baby had had on me. So he told me to wait a few more months then he would go in and see if it was ok, and if not HE would do the surgery to remove the s at tissue. At this point I started bawling, yelling at him telling him something is wrong with me! I had also gone from having thick hair to having complete bald spots, and night sweats so bad I would have to change my bedding. I’m still not sure if this was from the Ashermans, or the stress of my daughter dying. At any rate, I knew two things, one was that that man was not giving me another surgery, and two was that I HAD to find someone who specializes in this and get a second opinion. I am 35 and I really feel like my time is running out to have another baby. So with Gods direction I found a great OB who specializes in Ashermans, and other gyno disorders. I also found out how lucky I was that my mom just came across this on her own, so we had something to tell the dr to specifically look for. Things moved very quick from there. He found that I did not have one inch of uterus that did not have scar tissue. My last OB had cut me to pieces, no wonder I hemorraged and almost died. I had the surgery in Feb 2013. He said he was only able to uncover one of my follopian tubes, but he’s hoping that will be enough for me to conceive. In march I finally had a good, 5 day period. We will see how things go from here. I am praying for a healthy baby at the end of this nightmare!

    • Hello, I am so sorry for the loss of your little one. I hope you are healing well and can try again. I am wondering what doctor you used as a Asherman’s Specialist? I would be truly grateful to know. I am thinking of you, hoping for you.

  39. Hi Everyone. I just wanted to comment on the cause of adhesions. I have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter. I had a second pregnancy which ended with a blighted ovum at 10 weeks in August 2011. It was a missed miscarriage that actually quite developing at 5 weeks. My OB advised me to try to let the tissue pass on it’s own, but after 2 weeks of terrible pain, I went back to her for Misopropal tablets. I thank god everyday that she was against a D&C! Unfortunately, I developed adhesions anyway. Due to the fact that there was 5 weeks between fetal demise and the passing if the tissue. My RE also thought that I may have developed a low grade infection because I had intermittent heavy bleeding and pain for 11 weeks!! You don’t always have to had a D&C or retained placenta to develop scarring. My periods were still regular, but shorter and I developed some mild low back pain. I’m from Canada, so it took 18 months of pushing to get a diagnosis. We were told to keep trying for 1 year and then we would be put on the wait list (which turned out to be 8 months long). I was diagnosed on April 1st via sonoHSG. I immediately contact Dr. Charles March in Los Angeles. He is amazing and so is his team. I finally felt like someone actually cared about the outcome of my treatment. I had a Hysteroscopy with lysis of adhesions performed on March 24th. A balloon stent has been put in for one week and estrogen therapy for 60 days followed by provera to bring on my period. Dr. March also found a bald spot at the top of my uterus. He’s hoping that the extra month of estrogen will encourage regrowth. I had mild adhesions and Dr. March felt that I will go on to have a healthy pregnancy. My RE in Canada told me I was over-reacting and that it was a “simple” procedure. So I told her politely “thank-you, but I only have 1 uterus and if you fuck this up it’s game over for me. I want the guy who knows what he’s doing!!” Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all to never give up hope, do your research and get the best Dr. you possible can. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!!

    • Hello Kristen,
      I have been in communication with Dr. March and I am wondering how you have been since seeing him? I hope I am not being too personal, but was the surgery successful? I want to make the best decision possible because I want to avoid further surgeries and I want to do what is right for me (and my uterus too)….this is my body. I am in Canada too.
      Thank you and I hope you are recovering beautifully…

      • Hi Larissa,

        I’m sorry. I haven’t been on in a while and I just saw your comment. Dr. March did an amazing job. I’ve had an HSG and sonoHSG since and my uterus looks perfect again. It was the best thing I ever did. My periods are now normal and I have no more pain when they come. No pregnancy yet:( The estrogen therapy after surgery threw my cycles out of whack for a bit. I’m trying to fix that by changing my diet and working with a naturopath. We are also going to try fertility drugs next month. I plan on travelling back to California in January to try the “WURN technique” to help with scarring in my pelvis. My left tube is also scarred shut and they have had success with opening tubes. If still nothing by next summer, we will start IVF.

        I hope I wasn’t too late. Go to the states. The cost was $7100 for the hysteroscopy. No one in Canada knows anything about Asherman’s!

        Good luck to you!

  40. My daughter will be 3 in July and I had a retained placenta which resulted in a D&C. We have been trying for nine months for our second with no luck and I have mentioned to my doctor that I am worried that I have scarring if that is presenting me to get pregnant but since I am getting regular periods she said to not worry. Not sure what to do?

  41. My dr, the dr that did the D&C, would not check me when I voiced my concern. You need to find a gyno specialist who knows what Ashermans is, and get an ultra sound with dye. I found my gyno specialist and within a week he had done the ultrasound and diagnosed me. Within a month of finding him I had the surgery to remove the scar tissue. I learned a hard lesson in trusting drs and taking their word for truth and not getting a second opinion. My baby girl died at 41 weeks gestation because the medical staff failed me! They sent me home after laboring in the hospital for 15 hours, dilated to a 5, and bleeding, at 41 weeks pregnant. I believe I went through that to save others from this kind of medical negligence. We women know our bodies! If you feel like something is wrong please go get a second opinion. The longer that scar tissue is there, the harder it will be for you to get pregnant, that is what my new gyno told me, that is why he removed it so quickly. Btw, I too had retained placenta after I gave birth to my sleeping angel, that in turn led to a D&C that was done so poorly that I hemmoraged and almost died. I spent 5 days in shock trama ICU, and had 4 blood transfusions. Sorry this is so long, I just want women to know that drs are not Gods, so please get a second opinion.

  42. Thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing this helpful info. I was prescribed Provera and Progynova for 10 days by my obgyn yesterday. I had my D&C last 24 mar due to Blighted Ovum via IVF and I never get my PMS until now (2.5 months). My obgyn mentioned things about Asherman, and I am totally scared and devastasted to hear about that.

  43. I have been reading up on AS and the more i read the more I’m scared! I have a beautiful daughter she is 5. when she was 2, Me and my husband began trying to have another baby, i became pregnant with twins miscarried at 8 weeks, I had a D&C almost 2 yrs later after trying we finally conceived again. so happy!!!! Went for my 15 week scan and her heart stopped. once again another D&C, I hemorrhaged out losing 3 pints of blood needing 2 transfusions, in Jan 2013 now June and still no period i have been on Provera 10 day treatment I have been on just a birth control to try and regulate my period and a ultra sound to be check. nothing has worked since reading up on AS i have talked to my Dr. I had blood work done this past Friday and go back on Friday for a ultra sound again. My dr said its a possibility that I could have AS and i so scared. I want to believe there is hope!!! but its being scared out of me 😦

  44. Trisha, please register go to the website and register for their online support group. You will find lots of information on the best treatment protocols if in fact you do have Asherman’s (and I am hoping you don’t), as well as suggestions for the best doctors to treat it. The good news is that under the proper care Asherman’s CAN be treated, however it is best dealt with by doctors who have experience. In most cases a doctor will not be able to diagnose Asherman’s using an ultrasound, most doctors who see these cases can diagnose the extent and severity of the adhesions using an HSG test or through surgery called hysteroscopy. Good luck, there is hope!

  45. Hi Katherine,

    Find a specialist and get either a SonoHSG or an HSG ASAP. I was getting regular periods and had never had a uterine surgery. I had none of the risk factors so all 3 of my Drs told me it couldn’t be Asherman’s. Guess what, it was!!! I was right all along. It was the first thing I suspected. They are easy tests to have done. Asherman’s is NOT rare and it can happen even if you have never had a D&C.

  46. I had a D&C when i was 18 and my period never returned for a long time. Doctors never told me of Ashermans, i was given hormonal treatments which did not help. I was pretty young, so i never bothered much. The monthly pain was the only constant reminder. Then 2 years ago, i got into a serious relationship and wanted children, i met a good gynae who diagnosed ashermans and carried out a lysis of adhesion surgery immediately, and inserted an IUD. Few days after the surgery, i had the same period cramps but no period came out. I was disappointed. Months after, no period, just the cramps. He removed the IUD and carried out another lysis of adhesion and still no period. The last hsg i had, the dye was able to flow through the tubes with a little difficulty. Am confused. My hormone test shows high prolactin and low progesterone. Could this be the cause? Am really tired of going to the hospital, i just want to end this and have peace. Can untreated ashermans for a long period of time be remedied? Any input will be appreciated. Thank you.

  47. Baby, progesterone could be an issue but the test for that is relatively simple, and if you get put on provera for 10 days and no period comes, the answer is probably not a progesterone problem. Based on your history, it’s more likely that you need to find a doctor who specializes in treating Ashermans. Please go to to get the best information on the most successful treatment protocols and specialists (in all countries) who perform the surgery. You can register with their private yahoo group to talk to lots of women who have been in your situation, and you could well find one near where you live who has suggestions on doctors. Ashermans that has been untreated for a long period of time can definitely be remedied. Sometimes the trick is finding the right doctor. Did your doctor put you on hormones (estrogen) after the treatement? Some Ashermans specialists use a stent (instead of an IUD) to prevent the adhesions from reforming, along with a lengthy course of hormones afterwards. Also important is whether you doctor used heat to break the adhesions (laser) or microscissors. Many specialists believe that using heat in the surgery will cause the adhesions to return.

    • Claudia,
      If you don’t mind me asking, how have things worked out for you since seeing Dr. Isaacson? My apologies if you already updated the group and I missed your post.

      • Unfortunately things have not and may never work out for me, for reasons completely unrelated to Asherman’s. Dr. I successfully treated my scarring after my first miscarriage, but I have since lost three babies for unrelated, each different reasons. I experienced my last loss a few days ago, unfortunately. We are not sure we will try again because doctors are basically telling me I have “bad luck” and unable to give me any constructive, preventative advice. I have had every RPL test under the sun. We terrified of losing a 5th baby.

        • So sorry to hear of your news, Claudia 😦 you have been so strong to hold out hope. I wish you only better things to come.

        • Claudia I would like to get in touch with you as I am currently undergoing similar problems and would like to speak to someone who is as we’ll.

  48. Thank you Claudia for your response. I have been on the Ashermans yahoo group for some years now, i read the info the ladies post, and i have met some ladies from my country who are in the group. I used an A-list doctor in Nigeria, who treated a friend and it was quite successful resulting to her having a baby girl. I have been taking some progesterone treatment lately, am keeping my fingers crossed as i have been having sore boobs and slight cramps for about a week now. If nothing positive happens at the end of this, then i’d see another gynae. Bless you.

    • I ve being diagnosed with asherman, n am 4rm Nigeria. Pls can u give mi d info of d A list doctor in Nigeria.tanx

      • Hello kay,pls I am looking for a good doctor in NIgeria who can treat me successfully I have jusst been diagnose with Asherman syndrome

  49. I feel for everyone one here but please never give up hope.

    I gave birth to my son in July 2010, all went fine until the afterbirth. The midwife kept massaging my tummy and then pulling at the cord (so hard that I moved down the bed). It tore, I lost a lot of blood and part was left behind. Whilst at home a few days later I passed a blood clot the size of my fist – I was so scared my husband took me straight to hospital. I had an infection due to the retained placenta. A month later I was still passing large bits so returned to my doctor who sent me back to hospital for a scan, still a large amount left behind so I was told I needed to have it removed which I did.
    Months later I had no periods and the most awful pains when my period was due – to the point where I was bent over. I returned to my doctor who changed my pill. This went on for a year until one doctor suggested AS and referred me. The specialist I saw did an ultrasound which confirmed there was something wrong with my womb so I was booked in for an op to look and sort it out. I was warned that due to the amount of scar tissue it may not be possible to open it up fully but until he was in there he couldn’t tell for definite. After the op he said it was one of the worst cases he had seen and couldn’t confirm if I would conceive again. I had a coil fitted to stop the walls healing together again and was told to leave it in for at least 6-9 months. My periods returned almost straight away. I went back to have the coil removed and fell pregnant after a few months. It was a constant worry as to whether my womb was strong enough to carry but it seemed it was and I gave birth this April to another lovely boy by c section.
    Three months later I have had no period and my stomach pains are getting worse so I am back to see my specialist this week.
    But please, don’t give up hope. The odds may be against you but it can happen.

    • Pls I I need your doctor’s contact becourse my marriage is at stake I had a similar problem too . Thank you

      • Hi, my name is chine. What did u finally do. Did u get a good treatment for the ashermans…please can u give me the doctors number?

    • Hello caroline pls can I get doctors contact I have just been diagnosed with Asherman syndrome

    • Caroline could you please tell me who did your treatment ? Or if anyone out there had successful treatment in the U.K let me know please.

      • Jennifer, have you joined the yahoo group or the facebook group? The doctors who seem to have the most experience in the UK are Dr. Trew, Dr. Lower and Dr. Rai (I am not in the UK, but these are the doctors whose names are most frequently cited by UK participants on the group)

  50. For Kay, PLEASE sign up at and sign up on their yahoo list. There are many Nigerian ladies on the board. You can also go to the facebook page for Asherman’s Syndrome and try to locate one of them there. There are no A list doctors in Nigeria, unfortunately, but there are options that you can talk about with other Nigerian women.

  51. Kay, where u able to get a specialist in Nig? I’m from Nig, I got to know that I have yesterday. Chi

  52. I am a victim of intrauterine adhesive 7yrs ago and after my c-section. I had 3 miscarriges and am desperate to get pregnant and carry a succesful and healthy baby, I am 42yrs old . I will like to know more about it and to know if there’s any treatment or drugs. Thank u

  53. Carol, the treatment is a hysteroscopy where the surgeon removes the adhesions (preferably with microscissors, not using laser or heat surgery) and then putting you on a course of estrogen to rebuild your lining. If you look up you can get lots of information on what the treatment protocols are and what questions you can ask your doctors.

  54. Please I need a good doctor in NIgeria who can treat me,I have just been diagnose with Asherman syndrome last month

  55. Dear Caroline – Thanks for your inspiring story. I have also been diagnosed with Asherman’s but am lucky in that I already have two children. The Asherman’s developed after having retained placenta and a post-partum hemorrhage. I had very straightforward births but after the second birth, the placenta was attached so firmly in place that it broke. A few weeks later (while alone in my house with my 2 week old baby), I started hemorrhaging and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I had an emergency D&C and was wondering why it took more than six months following breastfeeding to get my period again. My doctor was putting me on Clomid to try to induce ovulation. Meanwhile, I was actually ovulating but my tubes were blocked with scar tissue and the entire right side of my uterus was scarred. Therefore, I was not getting a period. I am now in excellent care but what I realize is that it is really hit or miss. So my advice to FT in Nigeria is to find a doctor who knows about Asherman’s and will treat you properly. I’ve heard that some treatments include D&C, which is the cause of the problem in the first place. I wish you the best of luck and hope it all works out. What is inspiring is that medical technology is so advanced. My doctor says that he has been able to repair the lining of my uterus and I should be getting a period again soon. I’ve had two follow-ups since the original hysteroscopy and everything seems to be fine, and I’m still taking estrogen to help build the lining up again. I wish all of you the best! I’m actually wanting to have a third so am hoping that i’ll get my period again soon. Sending you all good vibes! It’s nice to have people who know all about this b/c it’s amazing how few doctors even talk about it!


  57. I have being trying to get pregnant for the past eight years with no success I’ve being told I’ve got ashermans I want to find a good doctor who specialize in this . Is there anyone who have manage to get pregnant after AS

  58. I am undergoing treatment at guys hospital. I also live in London so I am looking for a specialist within the area. By the way did the treatment work for you.

  59. Suzanne Campbe

    Just had my surgery for Ashermans Syndrome. Personally I felt I had to work everything out for myself as not many of the professionals were able to give me very much info about the condition at all. If it weren’t for other girls sharing their experiences on websites like this, I would probably still be in the dark. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Hi would just like to share my experience. Although I have not been diagnosed with this illness I am sure I have it and will speak to my consultant. In total I had six miscarriages and one medical management. I eventually carried when I took progesterone. Although at birth I ended up having placenta accreta ,nearly a year later i’m still having treatment for to avoid a hysterectomy they are wanting my body to absorb the tissue. I am now suffering with cysts no periods and awful pain each month. Most of my placenta was removed manually and I could catch really easily but could not carry. Now I think there is so much damage but I suspect I had this illness before causing the misscarriages and my period were lighter. What do you think?

  61. Hi, I have had two D&Cs. The first was two years ago after the birth of my daughter, the surgeon left placenta in my womb after c-section and I haemorrhaged 5 days later resulting in a emergency D&C. I then suffered really bad with post natal depression for two years, my partner and I fell pregnant accidentally recently and I went for a medical abortion as I feared I would become depressed again. I had retained product so ended up having a second D&C. I have been in bed for 5 weeks now with pain in the uterus. During my first ovulation I was in excruciating pain I then had a period which lasted less than a day, and i think I am ovulating for the second time as I have pains in uterus and ovaries and y cycles are shorter. I have been to a&e 4 times now, have had a scan which showed up nothing, I do not have an infection as all my bloods come back fine. The doctors are reluctant to talk about scarring and will not look in to it for me they just keep giving me stronger pain killers. The second procedure was performed by suction. I feel terrible as I do really want a sibling for my first child but I was so scared of the depression coming back that I didn’t feel ready. I cant believe it has resulted to this. My question is how can I find out if I have scarring, I am based in London and St Thomas’ gynie team keep saying it is nothing to do with the uterus as the scan is showing up fine, but I know these scans don’t show up scar tissue. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next as I am falling to pieces. I don’t mind going private, I just want to know.

    Thank you kindly

    • please go to dr. adrian lower..he is based in london and a specialist in ashermans. very well-reputed surgeon. you can google him.

    • Hi Lucy I am based in London and my gynie team is at St. Thomas as well. I more or less have the same problems you mentioned and was wondering how you’ve being getting along. Any luck?

  62. Are you still blogging?? I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with Ashermans months ago. She has had 2 surgeries since but was recently given a very grim prognosis. There is so little known about Asherman’s and even fewer women who understand and can support her on a relative level. I’m desperately trying to find a community of women for her to connect with in person or online.

  63. Your friend should join the yahoo asherman’s group immediately, there are hundreds of women who have had similar prognoses. Many eventually were treated and could carry babies to term. There are also two facebook groups, one public and one private.

  64. I feel pain in four month after d@c for bligted ovum

  65. i have done the operation 4 times no result. what do i do ?

  66. I had a D&C due to retained placenta after giving birth to my son. I have not had a period since but do not experience pain. After a year and a half battling Drs I have finally found someone who is going to test for ashermans. I’m scared! Does no periods mean I would have a higher grade? I have been reading information about treatment but is this for women who had some kind of period to begin with? The Doctor I’m seeing now seems to think its only diagnosis and there is no further treatment if I do have it.

  67. Sarah wheatley

    Hi I also had retained placenta and did not have a period for well over a year. I did get pain. I had a hytescocopy and they found my cervix was blocked. They stretched my cervix and found my womb full of blood. This was why I did not have a period. I have been bleeding constantly since 4 weeks post op. Could be something like that maybe. Hope that gives you some hope.

  68. I went and do my HSG and the opacified uterine cavity showed a filling defect in its lower segment. Conclusion uterine synechiae.

  69. I lost my baby at 41 weeks. Had a d&c for retained placenta. Had surgery for a “very bad case of Ashermans!” Had a healthy baby in April. I’m 10 days late for my period this month. I haven’t had sex and I’m not on birth control. Has anyone had experience with Ashermans coming back after pregnancy?

  70. I have a 9 month old son in which I had an abruption and emergency csection. Which followed in a blood transfusion due to hemmorage. This was the 2nd time. It happened once before with my 7 yr old daughter. No csection then tho. Now I recently found out I’m pregnant again. What are my chances and my fetuses chances of survival? ??? &Surprise I’ve not ev

  71. About 14 yrs ago my dr told me I was miscarring this went on for two weeks he suggested I have a dnc I felt something else was wrong I told him I think I’m having an ectopic pregnancy but I did what my dr wanted I had 2 dnc the first was done in the office and the dr only gave me a Zanax shortly before he did the procedure during the procedure the pain was horrific and later when I read the reports the dr said I did not corporate during procedure the dr removed a lot of tissue and blood my cousin who took me to the appointment was like wow that’s a lot of matter after a couple of days my dr called me back and said do u trust me he said he was going to do the second dnc but under Anastasia and that a pathologist would be reading the slides to make sure all the tissue is gone he said if they don’t find anything they would do exploratory surgery I told him don’t bother I know it’s an ectopic pregnancy on my left side he still was going to give the exploratory surgery when they found no tissue during the dnc but went ahead and opened me up and found a ectopic pregnancy on my left side when I woke up from surgery I told the nurse it was an ectopic pregnancy on the left side and the nurse thought I was awake during the procedure because my dr never got the consent to open me open me just the exploratory consent they made me sign a waiver that I was not awake during the operation the other dr said I was on the verge of rupture and could have died I have had 10 miscarriages in the last 14 yrs no children I still have nightmares of this dr and what he said to me when I went to get the staples out I asked how long should I wait to try again he said 2- 3 yrs I said wow that long He said no I just think u need to be married first I just went through the most traumatic experience and he was so cruel and cold also when I was in the hospital I told the nurse if u want me to be the best patient ever please take out the catheter in which they did my dr never came to see me until 3 days later and the first thing he said where is the catheter I said they took it out after I ask them too and he was upset and said I gave them specific instructions not to take that out until I said too and left the room I still suffer from the way I was treated from this dr my cousin who took me to the first dnc ask the question after about the amount of tissue and blood and whatever it was in the container if I was never pregnant in the uterus why was there so much that was taken out and is it normal for just a Zanax to be given for pain when I still was in so much pain why did he continue my cousin said she heard me in the waiting room while it was being done

  72. Sorry about my spelling and grammar :-/ also I don’t know if I have ashermans because I never knew about this but can believe maybe I do I will try to get the test in the near future just to see but I am still so thankful that I have heard those magic words u r pregnant when so many have not it’s been 14 yrs but it feels like yesterday because I relive it over and over and wished I went to another dr when he asked do u trust me

  73. So sorry to hear of your news, Claudia 😦 you have been so strong to hold out hope. I wish you only better things to come.

  74. Hi all, I just went for a saline sonogram and it showed a filling defect in my lower uterus. (After a stillbirth at 21 weeks and a D and C for retained products.) Dr says uterus is stuck together, but also says that insertion of an IUD for 3 to 4 months should fix it??? Has anyone heard of this or do I need a new Dr? I asked if it was Asherman’s Syndrome and he said no! Thanks for any help.

  75. pls I really need help. I had a DNC on august last year and I have been having normal menstrual flow till January and February this year. my menses has suddenly become too scanty and short. pls can I be having AS and if so, where can I get properly tested and treatment.

  76. pls I really need help… I had a DNC august 2014 and since then I have been having a normal menstrual flow but all of a sudden my menses on January and February this year became very scanty and short. am wondering whether am having an AS and if so, where can I get a good AS test and treatment in Nigeria. thanks

  77. If anyone is interested I would like a friend who is going through the struggle of AS to just talk and listen.

    • Hi Jennifer, My name is Claire and I am just going through IVF after having asherman’s treated which was caused by an ERPOC for a missed miscarriage that I wasn’t even supposed to be able to conceive! At the moment I am waiting for our one and only frozen embryo to be transferred but because of the AS my lining is very thin so I am pumped up on estrogen and may have to have something injected into my uterus to try and get my lining to grow enough so we can see if the transfer is going to work. I am 40 so haven’t got a lot of time left and we’re still trying for our first.

      • Hi Claire how is it going ? Did your linining managed to reach its thicknee?

      • Hi Claire, hope you don’t mind me asking but how thin is your endometrium? And could you tell me what the injection that you can have into your uterus is? I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe ashermans and after surgery had no endometrium. Despite being on 10mg of oestrogen a day, 4wks into treatment my endometrium is still only 2.5mm and I’ve been told it’s not responding to the treatment and to look at surrogacy. I am desperate to try and find an alternative form of treatment which could help me and had not heard of injections into the uterus before so would really appreciate any information you could give me. Thanks

      • Jennifer bolah

        Hi Claire how is it going for you? Any luck?

    • Hi Jennifer, I’ve recently been diagnosed with severe ashermans and would find it useful to have a friend to speak to about it. X

  78. I can’t believe the amount of women on here suffering and still they’re saying ashermans is rare??

  79. Hi Claire I was delighted to hear from you , whereabouts do you live ? I turn 40 this year myself and have being trying for the past 5 years to get to get my lining thick enough as I have 6 blastocyst, I have 5 laparoscopy and lots of hormone along with aspirin. I have being through so much my consultant refer me to a fertility counsellor.we talked and she suggest I might need to look into surrogacy I would love to but just can’t see someone doing this for me ,so far I’ve join surrogacy uk. And had totally given up on myself until I watched a tv program last week and was impressed by a Chinese doc who used acunpunture and natural remedies to help a woman conceive. I’ve since then book an appointment to see her.

    • Hi was just wondering if any one can help or give me advise , I had a d&c on 29/12/14 due to a mis carriage and I’m still yet to have a period 20 weeks later , I have had bloods which came back normal had a ultrasound which was said to look normal but now my doctor said she does think I am ovulating , I asked about ashermans and she said it was beyond her expertise and has now referred me to see a specialist at the end off June , has any one had success and managed to get pregnant ,
      I already have 2 children had no problems conceiving x

    • Ho,
      I was wondering who the Chinese doc is?have you been to see them?

  80. I was diagnosed with AS on March 3, 2015. And my Doc was so worried and refused to remove scars her own as she said thay it is beyond my expertise. She refrred to my a doc that is best in it but he had long waiting in the meanwhile she referred my to her fellow doc for another sono for second opinion. I started usin some homeopathic drugs as my aunt is a homeopathic doc i also started using mustard paste as mustard helps a lot in it. And after two months i went for second sono and thanks to my Almighty Allah doc said oh its not that bad just at one place otherwise ur uterus is all fine. It was on 18th of may 2015 and yesterday my own doc performed SHG and removed that scar so confidently. I m grateful to Allah who gave me such a nice doc as it was a nightmare to me that after ten years to marriage and 7 misscarriages with 3 D&Cs the journey was ending at a more mess. Plz pray for me that some day i get my baby in my hands. But for sure be careful in choosing ur doc and moreover i hv just moved with this doc bcs my last Gyno was so dull and dump that i bacame half doc my own. Be positive and dont leave urself in docs only hands. Fertility journey is like a battle always alert. Take care

  81. I have recently been diagnosed with severe ashermans syndrome following laparoscopy / hysteroscopy. The walls of my uterus were stuck together and removing adhesions/scar tissue to separate them has left me without an endometrium. I have been put on 10mg of oestrogen a day to try and rejuvenate the lining but when I was scanned after 4 weeks of treatment my endometrium is still only 2.5mm. I’ve been told my endometrium isn’t responding to the treatment and it is highly likely I will need to look at surrogacy to be able to have a family. I’ve been to see a speacalist for a second opinion who confirmed my diagnosis but had never seen a case like mine before as I have had none of the things e.g. D&C etc which cause ashermans. I seem to have just developed it for no known reason. I had stopped having periods 6years previously but no doctors had ever said it was cause for concern and as I had never experienced any pain or any other symptoms I thought nothing of it- that was until I started trying to conceive. I have also been diagnosed with PCOS, and both my tubes are damaged as a result of the Ashermans. Has anyone else developed ashermans for on reason? Or can anyone advise on different types of treatment to help endometrium grow back?

  82. Jennifer bolah

    Hi Katie I am so sorry I was told exactly the same as you yesterday words can’t explain who I am feeling . Such a sad time. Are you based anywhere near London.

  83. Please has anyone used Dr March or Dr Lower recently,i want to know
    how much they charge now for the hysteroscopy,am based in Nigeria,i know someone said $7100 for Dr March but that was in 2013,i want to see either of them before the end of the year.I also would like to get in touch with anyone that has been successfully treated in Nigeria(i doubt it though)

    • Hi tola I saw Dr lower 8 weeks I had a hysterocopy , the total cost was around £5500 sadly the treatment was not successful.

  84. Hi Jennifer am truly sorry but how did you know it was not successful,do you have periods yet?

    • Hi tola I was given oestrogen after the surgery to take for 4 weeks to help build the lining . I then went for a scan and their was no improvement after the surgery in my opinion I think my situation got worse. I was told by Dr lower my only chance would to get a surrogate.

      • Jennifer, when you say there was no improvement after the surgery do you mean that your lining stayed thin? I had surgery with dr. March

        • I had surgery with Dr. March and AN HSG a month later, which showed no adhesions. However my periods have gotten lighter even though my lining looks good. I am feeling really lost and confused now.

          • Yes my lining did not improve it stayed thin, and my period remain light.not sure what I can try to improve my lining.

  85. Thank u so much 4 finally showing me some information that actually matched my symptoms and you know gave me something or is going to give me something to talk to the new gynecologist and I’m about to go see and I lost a little boy in 2008 and I actually had am abruption, and you know what have one. Here one. They’re so since 2008 I maybe have had 10 I’m good I’m guessing but I was terrified to go to the doctor because I was just fake terrified every day going to say you have cancer or you can have kids or you know all the things you don’t want to hear but thank you so much I really appreciate this I keep you in my prayers I hope you will do the same for me Respectfully,
    Lauren J Altman 1

  86. I had a d and c as I had a phantom pregnancy and had another miscarriage which was later discovered I haD AS.I ALSO HAVE pcos so trying for a baby was tough tough tough I was booked in to have the op to have my scar tissue removed and I fell pregnant naturally and managed to have a healthy baby girl. The consultant was so surprised that I managed to carry but they took extra care of me. My placenta did attached to the walls so I did have to have it manually removed bit have hope ladies when I gave up trying it happened there is hope I promise. It took 2.5 years but never give up and pester drs and fertility when you get in there they are brilliant

  87. Does anyone know of the “best doctors who can perform surgery to try and treat this. I just found out today, that Ashermans syndrom is what I have. I have had a c-section and three years later had a d&c. Since having the d&c I have had scare tissue that is painful and I never thought it would have anything to do with fertility so this is the worst news ever. I just want to be in the best care possible so that I can have another child. I’m very overwhelmed!!!

  88. I’m going through investigations for AS right at this momnent, currently waiting to have a hysteroscopy to find out if I have AS. I have been told by a specialist it’s highly possible. In April 2015 I had a complete molar pregnancy which required a D&C. My specialist seems to think the D&C may have been a difficult one and from this I have developed AS. I’m 35 with one child 4 years of age and was hoping to increase our family but at this stage the future is questionable. I really wish there was more awearness of AS so I could have started this investigation earlier rather then almost 12 months later!

  89. without the surgery, what tablet or medicine will you prescribe for uterine infection. I believe it will do a lot of help.

  90. I don’t know if you still come to this but I was just diagnosed with AS and this helped me. I was wondering if I could possibly talk to you; I can’t seem to find anyone who has gone through this and I’m scared and don’t know what to think. Thank you for sharing this..really it sheds hope then reading your comment about how in the end it only makes you stronger really helped as well.

  91. Hi I went through surgery for. Ashermans sYndrome three daYs ago am. Hoping this will help after the last miscarrage in 2010 I never went for menses till the. SurgerY.I would also want to know the foods I can eat as at now

  92. Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 3 AS after a year of no menses.
    I had a molar pregnancy in April 2015 which I then required a D&C. I also had a miscarriage in October 2014.
    I received surgery 2 months ago to remove the adhesions. The surgery was quick and pain free.
    The professor doing the surgery commented that the adhesions were dense and completely blocking my cervix, unfortunately my period still hasn’t returned.
    I’m seeing professor vancaille again this Friday as I may require a further surgery as the adhesions may have returned. I’m continuing to stay positive for the future. I do already have a 5 year old healthy boy which I had absolutely no complications with so I have been blessed. I would love to hear everybody else’s stories.

    • Hi Nicole,
      I have had 5 surgeries in the uk and unfortunately the adhesions continue to come back.I travel to Australia soon and have seen this as an opportunity to get a second opinion as I know he is an A list doctor for ashermans and was wondering if you have found prof vancaillie to be good?

      • I can not recommend prof vancaillie more highly. He is extremely good at diagnosing AS! He is friendly and very supportive. My adhesionals did unfortunately grow back. Prof got me back into surgery ASAP for a repeat surgery this time using blood platelets to help with healing. Again surgery went well. Now I’m just waiting to see how things go. I travelled from wollongong to see prof and I would never see anyone again if dealing with AS. He knows exactly what he is taking about and made me feel comfortable the entire time. When I contacted the clinic after surgery he rang me straight back with feedback from the surgery! Ring and ask to speak with Megan and see will let you know if he will see you. I had to email all my history then wait to see him, which didn’t take long at all but if I was you I would get the ball rolling now before you get to Australia. All the best Nicole x

        • Hi Nicole,
          Thanks so much for responding to my message. I had a phone consultation with Prof Vancaillie yesterday and I really found him to be helpful. I Also like the idea of trying something different. I have had 3 procedures with the insertion of an IUCD and 2 with the insertion of a baloon stent. The baloon stent was definitely more effective but still didn’t work. When did you have your procedure done? Also how many times? Was the recovery quick and also what were the costs? Sorry about all the questions! I am still awaiting on a date for the procedure but its looking like it will be in 2 weeks. I feel like this is my last hope now and having an opportunity to try something new is just too hard to to give up on. Have you done any natural therapies too? I get reflexology most weeks and find it good but again not sure how effective these things are considering the adhesions continue to grow back. Again thanks so much for coming back to me and I hope your recovery is going well 😊

  93. Thank you for all the information. Wish you all the best of luck.

  94. Hi Em,
    I can not recommend prof vancaillie more highly. He is extremely good at diagnosing AS! He is friendly and very supportive. My adhesionals did unfortunately grow back. Prof got me back into surgery ASAP for a repeat surgery this time using blood platelets to help with healing. Again surgery went well. Now I’m just waiting to see how things go. I travelled from wollongong to see prof and I would never see anyone again if dealing with AS. He knows exactly what he is taking about and made me feel comfortable the entire time. When I contacted the clinic after surgery he rang me straight back with feedback from the surgery! Ring and ask to speak with Megan and see will let you know if he will see you. I had to email all my history then wait to see him, which didn’t take long at all but if I was you I would get the ball rolling now before you get to Australia. All the best Nicole x

  95. Hi Em,
    Sorry for my delayed response as I have been out of the country.
    I had my second adhesion removal 20th last month so I’m just waiting to see if my period returns soon. The recovery was very quick, I was fine the next day. The procedure cost me just under $2000 including everything although I have private health cover do the hospital fees were covered. That was just for prof, pathologist and antitheist. I still have to claim Medicare and private from this amount. The second procedure was cheapest, the prof told me continuous procedures are always cheaper.
    I haven’t actually taken on any other therapies so can’t comment on that sorry.
    I do believe you are giving yourself the best chance possible by seeing professor vancaille and I wish you all the very best.
    I will let you know my progress.
    Take care x

  96. Hello! I doubt that I have Asherman syndrome. I had abortion 2009. when I was very young and since than I have very light menstruations, but they are always on time. Recenty, I heard about Asherman, my doctor never mention this to me. I haven’t try to stay pregnant until now. Now I am concerned, because it’s been long time since I have problems with menstruation cycle. Will this be aggravating circumstance?

  97. Hi all. I am new to this feed but finding it very helpful. AS is frightening and isolating, and the lack of knowledge or access to treatment — especially in the UK, where I am based — has only compounded the difficulty. I had a hysteroscopy to remove adhesions about nine months ago. A recent scan showed no new adhesions, but I still have very thin endometrial lining, under 3mm, making successful implantation unlikely. For those of who you have been treated — what medications were you given? Did you take oestrogen as part of IVF? Did it help thicken the lining? If anyone can shed any light on what treatment is available — if at all — I’d be most grateful.

  98. Hi. I’m new to this and so absolutely terrified I was only just diagnosed with Ashermans syndrome a month back after having an emergency abortion 2 years prior (I had a serious car accident only to find out I was pregnant a week later and the baby was not in a good way) procedure was performed at just over 13 weeks and I was never told of the risks involved or the percentage of Ashermans actually becoming a thing. My partner and I had been trying for 2 years before being diagnosed. I’m so scared! With Everything that happened last time. Including having a doctor tell me the emergency abortion was against his beliefs and prolonging the original surgery to the point it was unsafe and having another doctor tell me “I would become a mother by default to retarded child if I couldnt make a decision” after I broke down in his office alone as he wouldn’t allow my partner to be in the office with me. All I had ever wanted since I was young was to be a mother and I was forced to make a decision between having an abortion or continuing a pregnancy that would have potentially risked my life and ended in a more risky miscarriage later in the pregnancy.
    I live in a small town in rural Australia and we only have 1 gynecologist in town, he’s reputation isn’t bad but it also isn’t the 5 star I’m relying on. The newest city to us is over 2 hours away and as I’m new to my current job I’m unable to take large amounts of time off to travel and potentially stay out of town over night. But I’m so scared this doctor will make the same mistake as the last doctors and I’ll end up completely infertile
    History note: I was diagnosed with endrometrosis as a teenager after 2 epotomic pregnancies and 4 years ago was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and after over 4 months straight of servere bleeding had to be put on a course of hormone treatment to stop the bleeding and bring my menstruation back to a normal cycle. I thought that was as bad as it could get so you can imagine my surprise when the doctor sat me down and gave me my results for a whole new problem I didn’t know I could get.

    I’m scared and I would really just like some advise and support. I have no one to talk about this with, not my friends and not my family. My nephew passed away from cancer 2 years ago only months before my car accident and since then my grandmother and Aunty were both diagnosed with breast cancer, my cousin was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Since my neohews death i have become quite estranged from my siblings and extended famiky, my sister and i had a pretty brutal falling out and my brother just kind of slipped away when he and my sister both had children this year (i couldnt bring myself to hold my new nephew and niece. It hurts too much)
    As you can imagine my mother frets and panics over any word of doctors appointments and it kills me to think of her worrying about me but god I wish I had someone I could cry to about this when I get my self all worked up and scared.

    Thank you for listening x

  99. anna androsova

    Dear Gabby Hean, there is an Asherman’s Syndrome Awareness and Support group on Facebook. I was in your situation a few years back and it helped me tremendously. I was almost 40, no children. I don’t think I would have made it without the people I met in this group. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need support.

  100. The hertz is defined as one cycle per second. The International Committee for Weights and Measures defined the second as the duration of 9 192 631 770
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  101. I had AS after having a d abd c for a molar pregnancy. I needed two surgeries to remove the adhesions. I never thought I’d have a baby after 4 miscarriages I know have a healthy 3 week old. Although she cane at 35 weeks. She is going great! So there is hope xx

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