Well, it’s been a really long time since I posted anything here, and to be honest, this post will probably be my last, at least for now. I will leave this blog up for people to read, for now, but I haven’t had a lot to say for a long time now.

As you know, in my last post, I was pregnant, and bleeding heavily. I was convinced I’d lost the baby. Your sympathy and empathy was so very kind and so very much appreciated. I managed to get an early scan (after my lovely fertility consultant phoned the EPAU to whinge at them…) which showed an intrauterine sac, nothing else. But it was early, 5+ weeks, and so we went back 2 weeks later, expecting the worst. What we saw was a blob. With a heartbeat, that most elusive of things.

The blob grew. And I didn’t post, because I didn’t want to jinx anything. Against all the many odds stacked against us, the blob continued to grow and develop, and at our 20 week scan was said to be a little girl.

Somehow, in that uterus that didn’t work, she found a way to live.

On Christmas Day, at 5am, at 40+3, my waters broke and I went into labour. I won’t go into the details but let’s just say that epidurals are amazing inventions. Our daughter was born, safe and well, in the early hours of Boxing Day. The best Christmas present ever.

She’s now asleep, curled up on my chest, and I know that I am so very lucky. 

I hope and pray that one day, very soon, you will all have your own personal miracles. Love to you all.


10 responses to “Hello…

  1. That has to be the best, and most beautiful, thing I’ve read since Christmas 2011. I am so very very happy your miracle daughter is here at last, and so, SO glad you’ve actually been spending the past 9 months gestating. Oh wow. Seriously, wow. I am verklempt.


    DId I say wow? Wow.

    Hurrah! *Snoopy dance*

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Such encouraging, lovely news! I’m really looking forward to a viewing!

  4. That is amazing news. Congratulations. I noticed you’d gone quiet but assumed the worse so delighted to hear it was the best!

    • Thanks, and I hope your next cycle is the best yet, with a take home miracle baby at the end of it. By the way, have been unable to comment on your blog for months now, not sure why, but have been reading and thinking of you x

  5. Well isn’t that the most amazing and wonderful post ever!

    So many congratulations!

    I often checked your blog in hopes of an update and how thrilled I was to read this!


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