Sprout, anyone?

Or, if anyone’s bored, would they like to join me in a raid? I’m thinking of using HFF’s idea and getting  a battering ram to storm the hospital as it seems to be the only way I’m going to get my hands on the medication… There has been little movement over the festive season, despite chasing.

I am fed up. I am so fed up, I’m watching Lord of the Rings, which I tend to reserve for Specially Fed Up Occasions. And I’ve peeled a giant pile of sprouts for tea, hence the title. (Don’t worry, we’re also eating turkey. I appear to have forgotten Christmas has finished.)

So to answer a few questions – my particular cocktail contains: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aspirin, Pentoxyphylline (reassuringly used for the treatment of vascular dementia… er…) Oestrogen (patches + oral +/- injections) and Viagra. So don’t worry, HFF, I think by mentioning that I’ll be sending *those* visitors here myself! What I need from you guys is all your thickening, juicy, plumping thoughts that it works, please!

It’s a risky business, though. Because of my adhesions, I have higher risks than a *normal* IVF cycle. I hesitate to call it normal, because really, when is an IVF cycle ever normal? I don’t know if my uterus will stretch to accommodate a growing baby, and adhesions will interfere with normal placental function. The chances of a normal delivery are remote (but really, if I get that far, I really don’t care about that!).

Anyway. My period is late. I feel decidedly unpregnant, and am certain it will start in the next 24 hrs, but really, have these pelvic organs no manners? I’ve had cramping for the last 3 days. I mean, it’s just rude, isn’t it? If it’s not going to fulfil its primary function, it could at least be polite, start my period on time, and Not Hurt. That’s just good manners!



3 responses to “Sprout, anyone?

  1. I’ll be intrigued to to hear whether the viagra works on plumping. Once you get to that stage. Hopefully you period kept to a back to work schedule and is doing its thing.

  2. Ah, here is your list. Looks just like mine. I forgot about the pentoxy. How much oesteogen were you taking each day? (If you remember)

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