My own pregnancy test

Done with first-thing-in-the-morning wee, instead of oh-crap-they-want-me-to-piss-in-a-pot-quick-I’d-better-drink-some-water wee, was also negative.


What the hell is it? If it was a pregnancy sac, then surely I’d have enough HCG in my system to trigger a pregnancy test? As I’m not, then what the…?

I admit he didn’t seem that worried, which I suppose is a good thing.

I have all these thoughts of possible pregnancies and miscarriages and sadness and not knowing rushing around in my head, and wondering if I should cut down on the coffee/uncooked eggs/smelly cheese etc JUST IN CASE.

Aargh! Quick, someone hit me over the head with something and knock me out, please?


3 responses to “My own pregnancy test

  1. Oh, sweetie. Hugs.

    Did he not suggest going back for another scan in a week? (If not, WHY not? GIT). Can you get another scan in a week or so?

    Have some icecream.

  2. It is bizarre. Can anything else produce a sac-like … um … thing? And how long does a sac hang around for ? Another scan does sound like the best option, if that is even possible.

  3. You’ve been quiet. Hope all is OK.

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