The only time a negative pregnancy test has been a good thing…

Interesting title, huh? Yes I thought so too. I feel a little weird for thinking it’s a good thing, but here’s the reason.

I had my mid-cycle scan today.

The good news? I have some endometrium, it looks healthy, and has reached the mammoth thickness (ha!) of 5.3mm. That’s not great, but it’s better than my last scan, which was 4mm pre-surgery. I was pleased, he was pleased there was some, but would have preferred more, and for it to be >7mm.

The bad news? I have no endometrium further down in my uterus, just above my cervix. Essentially this means that there is less area for an embryo to implant. If there is scarring at the bottom, it may be preventing the rest of my endometrium from thickening.

The weird news? There was a sac at the fundus. It was small, only tiny, but it was there. It’s day 15, it’s too early for anything from this cycle, and too small for anything from the last cycle to be viable. He wasn’t sure it was a pregnancy, but wasn’t sure it wasn’t, so he got me to do a pregnancy test.

It was negative.

It is the only time in my life I have been pleased at a negative pregnancy test. The thought of having had yet another missed miscarriage and not even knowing I’d been pregnant is too much to bear. I feel bizarrely guilty/confused at being relieved, however.

I went and bought some peesticks on the way home, to make sure, you know.

His thoughts? He wasn’t horrified, but he wasn’t over the moon. He would have preferred more, thicker endometrium obviously (so would I) but there was some. Implantation is possible in the state it’s in, though difficult. The next step is to have the other tests, but it looks like we’re heading for IVF. We get one fresh or frozen cycle here (not both). They’re not exactly generous, are they? Especially as the NICE guidelines suggest you should be able to have 3… (don’t get me started!) Time to look at the finances, I think.

Oh and my ovaries? Apparently multicystic instead of polycystic. Not sure what the difference is on that one…


2 responses to “The only time a negative pregnancy test has been a good thing…

  1. Multicystic – you have a few large follicles (over 15 mm) at once, considered a variation of normal, can lead to increased incidence of twins, can indicate an oestrogen imbalance. Polycystic – you have many many MANY small follicles (under 8 mm) at once, all along the surface of the ovary, looking like strings of beads wrapped round said ovary, which are impeding ovulation and are diagnostic of PCOS, which includes high oestrogen, high testosterone, and buggered FHS/LH balance.

    Am glad there’s a decent bit of endometrium in there. Not so glad there’s a ‘bald patch’ near your cervix. Your poor cervix, it has taken a battering, hasn’t it? Luckily, it’s pretty uncommon for eggs to implant that far down, so hopefully it won’t be an issue, even if it is worrying.

    I hope the tests show something easily treatable. I wish you so much luck, and every good thing, whether you go on to IVF or not (don’t get me started on the Post-Code Lottery. AAAAAAARRRRGHH).

    I worry with you about the weird little sac-like thing. If it’s not a pregnancy (agree totally on the weird guilty relief that it isn’t. Hugs), what on earth IS it? Hopefully nothing much, eh?

    Cake and tea to you, my dear.

  2. Presumably with IVF they can choose where to place the embryo and thus ensure they hit the endometrium.

    The NICE guidelines are, I believe, so called for a reason. Pity the NHS doesn’t follow them. Hopefully one fresh will do the trick.

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