The Response

It took until today to get a response from Mr Consultant. To be fair, he did write me an actual letter instead of emailing me, so probably had to wait for his secretary to type it up etc.

It’s not what I wanted. well, it sort of is, and sort of isn’t. Mostly it’s scary, and made me shed a tear or two, though I’m not really sure why. He basically said that the adhesions at my cervix were pretty filmy and easily broken, and he doesn’t think that’s affecting my ability to conceive. He feels that I have a lot of positive features that favour fertility: my age, normal BMI, decent medical history and lack of scarring in my actual uterine cavity.

However, he doesn’t feel that oestrogen to try to thicken my endometrium is indicated, as my cycles are regular, and therefore this suggests that I have normal hormonal function. This is all well and good, but everyone else with Asherman’s seems to get it! And possibly more to the point, nobody’s actually bothered to try it with me, so how do we know it won’t work? We don’t.

He admits that he’s not an infertility specialist, so he’s referred me to someone who is. I guess this is a good thing, they may have more of an idea about how to actually get me pregnant, and having just had a quick google, this new chap seems to have done some research on endometrial thickness, and improving implantation rates, and recurrent miscarriage so must have some idea of what he’s talking about. But I’m scared. I’m scared that he’ll just say “go and find a surrogate… your uterus is buggered.” But I guess we’re all scared of that.

All in all, I suppose it’s good, but what I really wanted was “You’re in fine fettle, and ooh look you’re pregnant!” Even though I’m not, and that would be highly unrealistic anyway, and I’m certainly not likely to be this month as himself is a snotty mess of man-flu. Not exactly appealing, for me or him….

Otherwise: the moving is going well, but does anybody have any tips for getting rid of skips? Ours was supposed to be picked up on Tuesday, but wasn’t, and despite several phonecalls to the company yesterday and today (with responses of “It’ll be gone by the end of the day…”, “It’ll be gone in the morning…” it’s still there. And it needs to be gone, as the new owners are moving in very shortly…


One response to “The Response

  1. All in all it sounds like a pretty quick response. I wouldn’t be too disheartened, you’ve got a name, a next stop. Hopefully the infertility specialist will decide you are a really interesting case and will give you lots of treatment for free!

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