It sucks.

If you were the person who found this blog using the search terms “Asherman’s Sucks”, well yes it does. You’re right. Sorry.

Another thing that sucks is HFF‘s current situation. Universe, ENOUGH ALREADY! If you’re reading this, well please go over there and give her hugs/hold something. She needs you more than I do. Go on, go!

If anyone’s interested, we exchanged today, after the buyers threatened to pull out as we refused to move out in a week’s time. Bastards. We still refused, offered them 3 weeks, and their bluff was called. They exchanged. I am never moving again. Far too stressful, and has done nothing for my anger levels. I would go for a run but a) I have to go and view a rental property soon as we’re soon to be homeless, and b) I’m going out drinking later instead. I can’t drink and run…

If you are still reading, it’s OK, I’m stopping now. Off to HFF’s with you.


5 responses to “It sucks.

  1. Ashermans SUCKS!!!!! soooo glad I have a place to post that….Thank you

  2. Ashermans sucks.

    What HFF is going through sucks.

    Drinking helps momentarily.

  3. fateofthechocolatechipcookies

    Wow, so much unnecessary stress. hope you find a place soon. Cheers to drinking! 🙂

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