I had an email this morning from my New Best Friend. Apparently our buyers should be ready to exchange on Monday.

I was so surprised, I bought myself some shoes.


5 responses to “Shock…

  1. Oh, Good Lord. Monday? That’s IN THREE DAYS. I’m surprised you ONLY bought shoes. I’d’ve accidentally bought most of John Lewis.

  2. Cool. Presumably your new best friend didn’t want you turning up at anymore classes with her so is ensuring you move out of the area.

  3. Tomorrow? Tomorrow?!?!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. It hurt a little bit – something like being scratched by a particularly vicious and perservering cat – but that’s mainly because it’s over a bony rather than fleshy area. And the pain is over in a flash, though you can be a little sore for a day or so afterwards. If you get one somewhere there’s more flesh (upper arm, calf, thigh, buttock) it hardly hurts at all, apparently.
    You should go for it!

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