It’s not good.

There I was, at Zumba tonight, trying to shake my hips and forget how uncoordinated I am, sweating in sports gear and generally looking unattractive. We finished, and I was having some water while talking to my friend.

A woman I had vaguely thought was familiar but couldn’t remember where from came up to me.

“Are you Mrs Wombat?” She asked. OK she didn’t call me Mrs Wombat, but I’m not going to give my real name on here…

“Er, yes…” I replied.

Then she told me who she was. My solicitor’s secretary. Yes, the secretary of my New Best Friend.

I can’t escape! Not even while sweating and shimmying. I do wonder what their conversation in the office will be tomorrow…


2 responses to “It’s not good.

  1. She is probably thinking exactly the same thing about her own shimmying.

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