Strange things are afoot…

And no, I don’t mean a certain TV chef eating fried spiders on TV last night, though that was strange. And quite creepy.

If I see the words “sewer”, “indemnity policy” or even “S*v*rn Tr*nt” again, I’m going to scream. *Looks at Blackberry*: oh too late, that was an email from our solicitor containing all of those words. Aargh! The sale of our house is not proceeding smoothly. Although, I think I have a new best friend in our solicitor. I speak to the woman far more than I speak to my own husband these days! I think I need more chocolate. Although I do have a cup of teh halia (Malaysian ginger milk tea that I got into in… Sydney, of all places) which is helping. Slightly.

I dread to think what my blood pressure is doing. Oh look, there’s another email. Now our buyers “want to get things finalised quickly”. Bloody cheek, seeing as we were trying to get them to exchange in accordance with our deadline A MONTH AGO! Grrrrrrr.

Anyway. I have started on another exercise kick, to try and lose a bit of weight before a wedding we’re going to in June. Mostly so I don’t have to buy a new dress.  I’ve been walking greyhounds for a few months now, which is actually quite a lot of fun, and relatively chilled out, except for when I have to walk 10 of them in the space of two hours. That’s a little bit more hectic.

Last week, I went to a Zumba class. I know, group exercise? It’s never really been my thing, but actually it was quite fun. Not the dance routines: my level of coordination has not improved since the days when I was forced to do dance and gymnastics at school. Many was the time I was doing something quite different to the rest of the women there. However, I was able to keep up, which indicates I’m fitter than I thought, which was pleasing (obviously all that greyhound-walking is paying off). I also learnt that at Zumba, it doesn’t really seem to matter what you do, as long as you shake your hips while doing it.

I have also started running again. Admittedly today I went for a run rather than throw my laptop across the room due to solicitor angst… It seemed healthier and less expensive.

Aside from the strange exercise regime, other weird things have been happening lately. I’m a member of an Asherman’s online support group, where they do use the term “sticky baby dust” a little too much for my liking, but far less than on other pregnancy-related websites. A woman, who has been battling (for want of a better word) Asherman’s for years, had multiple surgeries, and earlier this year gave up on her battle and started moving on with her life, woke up the other night to discover that she was bleeding, a lot. It slowed, eventually, and she had a scan yesterday to see what was going on. Her gynaecologist’s response? “Why didn’t you tell me you were 15 weeks pregnant?” Her response: “What the….?” It’s amazing. Not only does she get to 15 weeks without even knowing, so bypassing the first trimester completely, but she gets pregnant, when she stops trying, when everyone including the leading Asherman’s specialist in the world, tell her she can’t get pregnant, that her endometrium is too damaged. There’s hope for us all, I suppose.

I still haven’t emailed my surgeon. Sorry. I’m too scared, in case he makes me have a scan and the results are horrible. Part of me wants to know, part of me is too scared, and doesn’t. I’ll probably work up the nerve eventually…

In the meantime, my mother has started speaking to me again, with no mention of her non-speaking to me. Families, huh? My mother-in-law is still going on about Dom. The latest advice is to cook chicken in it or something. I’m trying to ignore her. And my sister-in-law is still posting “cute” updates on her pregnancy on F*cebook. One more and I’m deleting her.

Unfortunately I have probably consumed as many calories as I burnt by drinking wine and eating toffee popcorn.


5 responses to “Strange things are afoot…

  1. It was the embryo duck egg that got me, rather than the spiders.

    Do you know I’ve got a greyhound (ex-racer) unfortunately he is taking his retirement far too literally and it incredibly lazy so doesn’t do a lot for my fitness levels. (But it quite good for a cuddle).

    Best of luck with the house sale. Maybe a change to environment will aligned all the feng-shui nonsense and you’ll become a beacon of hope to others with Ashermans.

    • Yes, that bit got me too, I had to hide behind a cushion. Plus I had the unfortunate experience of my husband looking thoughtful and saying “I wonder if I should eat duck embryos…?”

      I did know you have a greyhound, and very handsome he is too. It’s a retired greyhound rehoming centre that I go to to walk them, we get them fresh from the track and so often before they truly hit their snoozing all day habit in a home. We’re planning to adopt one after we move.

      Ah, yes, moving seems to do wonders for fertility. Everyone who goes on TV to house hunt with Phil and Kirstie seems to get pregnant anyway…

  2. 15 weeks?! Blimey.

    Onthe other hand, your consultant might give you better news than you think…? Although, that’s rich coming from me, the Queen of the Brummy Pessimists, I grant you.

    House buying and selling is a remarkably fraught affair. I think you would be absolutely excused tranquilisers in current circs. Edging closer to Finish Line?

    • I know, 15 weeks! It’s like something out of one of those really crappy “true life stories” magazines, filled with such gems as “I never knew my baby was an axe murderer. But he’d killed 4 people by the age of three!”


      The latest from our buyers solicitors is that they hope to exchange next week. My new best friend the solicitor and I had the exact same thought – “I’ll believe it when I see it!” I have stocked up on wine…

  3. Maybe sort the bedamned house out first before emailing the surgeon. One Great Big Stressor at a time?

    15 weeks wait WHAT?

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