Book recommendations, please.

I am feeling a little sad, as my sister-in-law has just announced (via the combination of slightly cryptic f*c*book updates (what is WITH people these days?!?!) and my hyper-sensitive pregnancy radar blaring away in my ears) that she is pregnant. Well I say she announced, I got fed up and asked her outright actually.

This causes a few issues with me, mostly the whole “why is she pregnant and I’m not, and she only just started trying, and she’s younger than me and has only been married for 18 months and it’s not fair and I miss my baby” thing, but also some deeper issues with my in-laws, and their acceptance of me, and my failure as a baby-making machine which always seemed to be all they were interested in me for. I might talk about this another time, I don’t know. Does anyone actually have a perfect relationship with their in-laws? Probably not.

Anyway, my point… I was reading HFF’s latest post, and somebody mentioned something about a hot bath in the comments section, and I thought: “Ooh, a hot bath, I’d love a long bath, with wine and candles and a good book that I can really escape into.” The problem being that all the books I have that I haven’t finished reading are theoretical books, and not particularly escapist, or even interesting. So any recommendations are most welcome. And if there are no accidental babies in there, that would be even better. As a guide to what I read – I’ll read pretty much anything, except for horror. My favourite book is probably Memoirs of a Geisha, I also love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dan Brown’s books and most things Jane Austen’s written.

Suggestions on a postcard, or actually in a comment, please!


4 responses to “Book recommendations, please.

  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, by Susannah Clarke.

    Argh, how I hate hinty cryptic look-at-me-I’m-so-cute announcing. HATE.

    Also, in-laws. I am very lucky in having pretty nice ones, but still, even so, they occasionally make me want to slap. Especially their habit of COMPLETELY IGNORING my miscarriages. Which they do know about, as H tells them. My MiL even had a miscarriage herself and has nothing to say to me. Hmph. BUT, this isn’t about me. Sorry. Hushing up now.

  2. I keep reading books that have an unexpected infertility twist. I mean books that have no business even alluding to childlessness. Bastards.

    For me, though, if I need a good comfort read it has to be an Agatha Christie. Or, have you read His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman – if you haven’t they fit very nicely within your list?

    Sorry about your sister in law, tough innit?

    • Bastards indeed!
      I borrowed the His Dark Materials books from my sister yesterday, so I look forward to reading them. I’ve never actually read any Agatha Christie, possibly a reaction to my mum never watching anything on TV that didn’t have a detective in it, but I shall investigate. In fact, a trip to the local charity bookshop and the cake shop opposite is beckoning…

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