Sometimes, you just do what you can.

  • I am tired, and stressed, so this post will be in bullet points.
  • I have a new picture as my header, you may have noticed. It is pink and girly. Quite unlike me in fact. It’s a rose, and I took the picture in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. It was a very pretty rose, unfortunately it was a very small rose, and was very low-lying. In order to photography it closely (and I was using a macro lens) I had to get close to it, which entailed lying across the pathway. I had more than a few strange looks, but there we are. Suffering for my art and all that.
  • I made everydaystranger’s Paj last night after being inspired by her recipe. I even made the pastry. All was going well until I dropped the pastry case while takng it out of the oven, and bits of shortcrust pastry and the rice I’d used for the blind-baking went everywhere. Then I truly wished I had a dog, as it would have done the clearing up for me. As it was I jumped up and down and shouted a bit and said some naughty words, had a glass of wine and then felt better. I tried again, and this time did not drop it. it was very nice, I’d urge you all to make it. Although I’m not convinced about the cheese I used on top, I think I should have used a different one.
  • I’m not normally so stressed as to have a major flip-out over some errant pastry, but I had done nothing except for chase our solicitor all day, and try to be helpful, my attempts at which were rebuffed (probably because I was annoying her to be fair). We have to exchange early next week and we are so not ready, it’s scary. Chains are bad, and ours only has 2 in it. 3 if you count the developer. In fact, even talking about it now has made me need more wine… Thank you, Lord, for Sauvignon Blanc, that’s all I can say.
  • I had a somewhat upsetting note from the woman whose baby shower I was invited to this week. So I have literally just written her a letter, and explained exactly how hard all this infertility and miscarriage stuff is, and why I haven’t contacted her (because sometimes, it’s just too hard). Perhaps she’ll understand, perhaps she won’t. But I have tried, and I was nice and honest, and I didn’t even say how much I just don’t get baby showers. But I feel better for having done it, and it’s up to her now.
  • I mowed the lawn this afternoon. Not particularly interesting, but the garden looks better for it.
  • It’s such a lovely day, is a beer garden calling? I think so. If we do manage to get this house, we will be living in a village with a canal running alongside it, so we can walk the dog along the canal tow path, and wouldn’t you just know it? We’d have to walk past a pub on the way home where we can stop for a summer evening’s glass of wine. Not bad eh?

One response to “Sometimes, you just do what you can.

  1. That walk home sounds like a joyous temptation. I hope you get the house.

    And I hope your baby shower friend manages to summon up some empathy soon.

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