Pass the wine…

I peed on something.

It was negative.

*sad face*


9 responses to “Pass the wine…

  1. Damn.

    Would madam care for the Shiraz, or prefer a robust Tempranillo? Perhaps a light Beaujolais would compliment the necessary cake and/or chocolate at this point.

  2. *sad face* indeed. Damn & Blast & Buggeration. So sorry, dear.

  3. When you say you peed “something” I do hope it was a pregnancy test, otherwise you almost always get a negative result (other than in Germany – so I’ve heard).

    I’m sorry it was negative, get stuck in about that bottle.

  4. fateofthechocolatechipcookies

    Why is IF so unfair!?! Hugs to you. Sometimes I don’t trust those pee sticks.

  5. *hug*

    (Logged in from my other wesbite)

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