Ouchie! Again!

Here’s a question to ponder: can somebody still be considered a nice man if they cause you intense pain?

So, today started somewhat less promisingly when the estate agents tried to arrange a viewing for tomorrow, despite the fact that I had told them last week that I would be having surgery on Tuesday, and needed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to slob around the house, not tidy it, and recover. Also important if I was going to be a weeping mess after Bad News. Does being an estate agent mean that you automatically undergo a common sense amputation? I set himself on them. There is no viewing tomorrow. He is useful.

We spent the hour prior to going in a sort of silent vigil, occasionally wincing at each other. We were both scared. I was scared for me, and for him. He was scared for me, not so much for himself, being an easy-going sort of chap, and relatively relaxed about biological or non-biological children (sounds like washing powder, doesn’t it?!) We were early, and I passed the time by reading about how Posh Spice is ‘scared of getting fat’ in her pregnancy. I shouldn’t have expected more from Heat…

So, we went in, and had a chat with him. He seemed OK, pronounced my Scary Pictures to be “not so bad” and told me that he’d seen and treated worse. I felt reassured – at least he’s got some experience. He told me he’d do a hysteroscopy there, but if there was a lot of adhesions, he’d rebook me to sort it out under GA. Fair enough, I agreed, as it sounded sensible.

I heaved myself up onto the “couch” in the most undignified position possible, with my legs in stirrups, and all was on display to the world. Lovely. He did the hysteroscopy, whilst having a conversation almost entirely with my bits. It HURT as he went through the cervix – this was because of adhesions around the cervix that he pushed through with the scope. However, my uterine cavity was clear. Yes, you read that right, the cavity was clear! No adhesions in the cavity, and a full covering of functioning, though thin, endometrium (it bled when he prodded it). I was amazed, and so was he, I think. Both tubes looked OK.

So adhesions in the cervix, and internal os, which were there, but not a complete blockage, and he thought probably wouldn’t be an obstruction to sperm. He did dilate my cervix though, to try to help. This was horrible. He put local anaesthetic injections in my cervix, which made me swear, and then dilated it progressively. OUCH!!! This was actually the most painful thing I have ever had done: I cannot explain how much it hurt, such sharp pain.

And that was it: no hormones as my endometrium is complete and functioning, which I can see his reasoning for. A few blood tests, which I will get the results of soon. He said I had PCOS, which I knew about anyway, but I also ovulate on a regular basis, so neither he nor I are too concerned about that. We are to go away and try to get pregnant, and to hope it works and the cervix doesn’t close up again.

Phew. It hasn’t sunk in, but I am so pleased. And so sore and tired, but I’ll put up with that, happily.

What a nice man.


9 responses to “Ouchie! Again!

  1. Oh, I am SO SO glad. Not at all glad that it hurt – cervixes hate being stretched and prodded. OW. You poor brave soldier. But SO glad the cavity is fine. Oh, relief.

    (Am still sitting crosslegged in full-on empathy-wince at the cervical dilation thing, though. Bloomin’ Nora!).

    • Thank you. I think my legs will be remaining firmly crossed for the immediate future. Despite his suggestion that we go home and “have relations” immediately… Tempting? Not really!

  2. OOoh OOOH Oohh. good! but out but good but ouch.

    *offers wine*

    I’m so glad I introduced you two… you’ll have to meet up in real life sometime you’ll get on spendidly..

    Ooooh OUCH!!!

  3. That is fantastic news. I mean, I read this with my legs firmly crossed, but not a complete blockage is awesome.

  4. WHAT a nice man! What a LOVELY man! I am baking him mental cakes! Such fabulous news.

  5. I”m 99% sure that he would think cupcakes were a great gift…

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