Sorry, it’s bullet point time.

  • I have a headache. I strongly suspect this is caused by the inhalation of too many cleaning products over the last week or so. Darn estate agents and viewings!
  • Nobody has bought our house yet. They have offered, but we have principles on the amount we will accept, and they have not yet reached it.
  • We have more viewings over the weekend, so someone else will have to tidy up etc as I am going away!
  • I am going Up North on a very long train journey tomorrow, to stay in a Gingerbread Cottage. I am not looking forward to the train journey, but I am looking forward to the company that awaits me at the other end of it.
  • I have Not Thought about the response to my complaint this week. I have noticed that I feel  happier when I don’t think about it, and when it does flit across my mind, it is accompanied by a distinct feeling of dread, and my stomach sinks past my kneecaps. I am sure this is significant, and a probable indication of what I should do, but I am still Not Thinking about it. However, I did discover that I should not read everydaystranger‘s response to the dilemma in a room full of people, as they all looked at me strangely when I wet myself.
  • I am getting more nervous about The Hysteroscopy on tuesday. I realise that there’s little I can do, but I do so much want my uterus not to be ruined, and to be fixable, and that he can fix it, and we can have a cute bundle of adorable-ness of our own. Please?
  • I would like some chocolate. And the universe to start behaving itself soon, please.

One response to “Sorry, it’s bullet point time.

  1. Have a wonderful break in the Gingerbread Cottage doing fun stuff, and Not Thinking about it.

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