What a nice man.

A little while ago, I emailed an Aussie Asherman’s specialist for advice, on the advice of a “colleague” who was treated by him. He didn’t reply for weeks, so I thought he’d probably read my email, either been horrified at the amount of detail I went into, thought “has this woman no shame?” and run away screaming, or he’d realised that he couldn’t be bothered to reply.

I wouldn’t have blamed him for either, quite frankly, I mean it must be a little weird to have a random British woman emailing you about her uterus.

His lack of reply, however, was my fault. I had been given the wrong email address, so either he hadn’t received my email, or somebody else had, and had probably been very scared and confused by the content. So I emailed again.

Within 24 hours, a reply was sitting in my inbox. It wasn’t even a “go away and stop bothering me” reply, either. That lovely man told me that he was “so sorry” I was going through this. He told me that it was likely my adhesions had returned (to be honest, not a shock as I knew this anyway from the state of my “periods”) and then gave me a treatment plan. From when the surgery should be done, to what medication to have afterwards, to the fact that I should on no account let anybody with a coil near me, ever again (again, wasn’t going to, but nice to have it in black and white). He even asked me to pass his email address onto my surgeon, should my surgeon wish to speak to him.

I sat there, after reading the email, with my mouth hanging open for at least half an hour. How nice, how kind of this man, who doesn’t know me, who owes me nothing, to go to so much trouble, and to be so helpful. Restoring my faith, somewhat, in the medical profession, I have to say.

So I shall print it out, and add it to my “uterus collection” of scary photos, operation reports, ultrasounds, and take it all to my hysteroscopy appointment, wave it at the surgeon, and see what he can do for me. And keep everything crossed in the meantime.

Meanwhile, I have just booked my tickets to go Up North to see my Very Lovely Friends, and stay in their Gingerbread Cottage the weekend before the surgery. Excellent distraction technique, I think. I have no doubt that they will provide fabulous company, beautiful scenery, log fires and wine. I’m looking forward to it, very much.




3 responses to “What a nice man.

  1. What a total dude.

    The weekend up north sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Well, actually the Doctor ordered no coil and certain medication – but you know what I mean.

  2. What a splendid, splendid chap. I award him a little gold star, to wear in his cap.

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