Now I’m really scared.

This morning, as well as having had a dream that I was Harry Potter, and having to fight off Death who was a midget with a blunt sword  (?!) I woke up to some post.

My appointment with Mr Gynae Who I Hope Will Cure Me has come through. There I was, expecting a normal outpatient clinic appointment, probably in a few months’ time (I know the NHS well, me). Instead, what I received was an appointment for the hysteroscopy clinic, on 22nd February. Now, after some speedy calculation, I worked out that the 22nd February is probably OK –  I shouldn’t be having my period then (unless my dream comes true, I have a 2 day luteal phase and my uterus starts disintegrating, of course) but I am pretty scared now.

Firstly, it is so soon! I was expecting an outpatient appointment first, if I’m honest, during which time he would not take my fears seriously and try to convince me that my uterus was completely normal.

I suppose the fact that he’s booked me straight in for a hysteroscopy means that he is taking me seriously, that he does feel that there’s something wrong in there, something which needs sorting out. I knew all of this already, of course, I know there’s something wrong there. I know I should be pleased that I’m finally finding out, that I’m being taken seriously, that he seems to know what he’s doing and what the answer is, and I am. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way (don’t we all, though?). I wish I could be one of those women who could get pregnant easily, and who didn’t have to deal with this.

And I’m also scared. What is having a hysteroscopy when awake like? How much does it hurt? Do I need to take drugs before I go? What am i going to be like afterwards? Crampy? Sore? Like after a hysteroscopy under GA but without the wooziness? Do they anaesthetise your cervix? How? Can anybody shed some light? WFI?



8 responses to “Now I’m really scared.

  1. It is not a big deal, don’t worry.Just take a painkiller 30 -45 minutes before the test.I have had hysteroscopy a month ago without anaesthesy and I did not have any pain.It takes max.15-20 minutes, afterwards you might bleed a bit.It is a very useful test in order to see if everything is ok downunder.Good luck!

  2. I too wish you (we!) were the sort who gets pregnant easy peasy.

    It’s good they’re going in for a proper look, yes, but nevertheless, out-of-the-blue and scary and sudden. The only thing as out-freaking as not being taken seriously by doctors, is being taken very seriously by doctors. Good luck, best wishes.

    I’ve only ever had hysterosalpingograms when awake, but I don’t think, at least, no one’s TOLD me, that they’re vastly different from the cervix’s point of view. Definitely take a good painkiller, an NSAID such as ibuprofen, 30 minutes to an hour before hand. The time I didn’t bother was nastier than the time I did. But it wasn’t dreadful.

  3. Yes. Definitely mixed news, my dear.

    The only thing that’s gone through my cervix was a coil, and that most definitely required a cocktail of non-prescription painkillers and two hotwater-bottles and the rest of the day in bed. Actually, the hotwater-bottles and the day in bed were a tad self-indulgent, but I’d not got anything better to do.

    Good luck.


  4. Don’t worry it isn’t that bad. Certainly take some strong pain killers beforehand (may I recommned Feminx Ultra). Don’t plan on going back to work after – you’ll probably feel a bit crampy for the rest of the day but you should be fine the next day. (You might bleed for a couple of days).

    At the time the only bits that hurt me was having a biopsy, which it doesn’t look as though you’ll be having that.

    I would also recommend taking your own sanitary towels for after (otherwise you’ll be given something the size of a small duvet by the hospital).

    i totally get why you might be scared about anyone going up there after what you’ve been through but really don’t worry. And, it is fantastic he is taking you seriously.

    • Thank you.
      Biopsies are unlikely, but chopping away my adhesions is quite likely. Do adhesions have a sensory nerve supply? Who knows!
      Good advice re the sanitary towels, I don’t think I would have thought of that (despite this being my, oh 4th(?) hysteroscopy) for some reason. Oh dear.
      I shall aim to recline on the sofa with my duvet and hot water bottle for the rest of the day, and insist that somebody caters to my every whim, peeling my grapes, lifting the tea to my lips, fluffing my pillows. Good plan!

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