Just to top off 2010…

It has been a year of complete shite.

It started with a miscarriage,  and contained Asherman’s Syndrome, surgery, a chemical pregnancy, much stress and emotional distress, and ended, or so I thought with a weird peestick event (God knows what that was) of a few days ago.

No, I was wrong. 2010 hasn’t finished with me yet.

The coil was removed a few weeks ago, and my period has since gone back to how it was before Lovely Gynae Woman operated on me. In essence – not very much at all, and certainly nothing even remotely crimson.

I have no idea what the hell is going on in there. I don’t know what the hell has happened to cause such an abrupt change from 5 days of bleeding to 3 days of spotting. What I do know is that it’s not normal, and I feel as if the past 10 months: the fight for diagnosis, the surgery, the coil, the waiting, the stress, have been an utter waste of time. As if we’re no further on than we were before the surgery. Just a couple who love each other, who want to have children, with one ruined uterus between them and a woman who feels broken, and useless. A man who can’t make things any better, despite desperately wanting to.

So Merry Christmas indeed.

Thanks a lot, 2010. You have been the most complete arse-wipe of a year I have ever known. So kindly fuck off, and make way for a year which will hopefully be better. And universe? Go and shit on someone else for a change.


2 responses to “Just to top off 2010…

  1. 2010 has been very, very foul to you indeed. Unkind, vicious, nasty year. I am hoping so much that 2011 will be kind and jolly and full of wonderful and miraculous things for you.

  2. Yes! Yes! Re-direction of shit-stream, please!

    Bugger 2010.

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