A short post

1) I am sick. Not just in the head, but physically. I think karma has caught up with me after spending too much time laughing at swine flu last year, and steadfastly refusing to have the flu jab, as yes, I have flu. My temperature is doing rather alarming spiky things, and was 38.6 this morning. Not good. I am confined to bed, and would really like a shower, but don’t think I could stand up that long.

2) This is all the husband’s fault. He gave it to me, obviously. And has he apologised? No, he hasn’t.

3) I peed on a stick today. It was negative, of course, but I still spent the requisite 10 minutes staring at it in different lights, trying to see a line that didn’t exist. Now where on earth is that dratted period? The last time it was this late was when I had a chemical in May. I don’t want another of those, thank you universe.


2 responses to “A short post

  1. Ohh, much sympathy. Hope the beastly flu goes away very quickly. And that’s what you get for sweetly nursing your husband, eh? Harrumph.

    As for absent period. Oy. Have tied fingers in knot of crossed-ness.

  2. I know! Run around after him like a blue-arsed fly, tending to his every need, and in return, I get… the flu. Thanks, dear! There are other ways to show your appreciation for me you know…

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