Mrs Cervix is not happy…

Phew… Now that the appointment is over, I can try and work out what actually happened in it, rather than sitting in a waiting room being a bit of a wobbly mess of nerves. I have made himself describe the consultation (that I was a part of, in body if not in mind) to me several times and think, I think, have got my head around it.

So here goes:

  1. She does not seem to think my uterus is buggered. She described the adhesions as “Not that bad, look, I can see both your tubal ostia!” (Er, can you? I can’t…) I told her it looked a mess to me, but obviously it doesn’t to her, and she must know what she’s looking at, after all this experience.
  2. She thinks that the adhesions have probably gone, or at least that things are heading in the right direction.
  3. She thinks my periods, as they are, are reasonable. They’re not what they were, by any means, but they are reasonable.
  4. The fact that I do get red bleeding is good, even if it isn’t at the start. She feels the lightness and brown spotting (sorry to those of you who read this who may not want this much detail!) at the start may well be hormonal, so is doing a day 21 progesterone.
  5. See above.
  6. It’s possible, but she feels it’s more likely to be hormonal, judging by the fact it turns red.
  7. Yes, there may be truth in the fact that copper IUDs irritate the endometrium, but there is little choice – you have to put something in there to prevent the adhesions reforming.
  8. Yes, she did take the coil out, (which hurt. Hence the fact that my cervix is now Unhappy) but has told me to not try to get pregnant for another month, to “let the inflammation settle”.  A month I can do, that’s OK. Although I HATE condoms. Much like a 15 year-old schoolboy. Oh well.
  9. Yes, but only after a month.
  10. All Asherman’s pregnancies should be treated as high risk.
  11. She feels there is little risk of cervical incompetence (well, she has been the one sticking things up there, I guess) so no definite need for cervical monitoring. However, I can also discuss this with my obstetrician, and as will be high risk (will be? Possibly a bit optimistic to say “will”!) would have regular appointments anyway.
  12. I asked her to state in her GP letter that I am high risk, she agreed to.
  13. Didn’t actually ask this, but she did say “phone me when you get pregnant and we’ll do some scans” which leads me to believe that she thinks the chances must be reasonable, or she’d be phrasing it differently?
  14. Again, didn’t ask this, but can just email her or phone her, to be fair.
  15. Yes, possibly. If the day 21 progesterone is low, then I would get progesterone to take in the first trimester, but if progesterone is OK then there’s little point in giving me something I may not need.

She seemed a little surprised when I answered her question of “when do you want to have a baby” with “as soon as possible!” but there we are. What does she expect? I know that in terms of timing, it having been a year since we started trying is nothing in comparison with others, but I really thought, back then, that I would be further on by now. At least with child, if not with a proper child as a separate entity from my body. Perhaps that was just naivety. But I suspect everyone thinks that way when they start trying for a baby.

So that’s the verdict: check progesterone, try next month, progesterone if it’s low, and scans, and all fingers, toes, arms, and eyes crossed. I would cross my legs too, but a little bird told me that might affect the whole getting pregnant process. Overall positive I think?

Also, it’s a shame that we can’t try now – I’m ovulating today. Then again I might be tempted if Mrs Cervix wasn’t complaining so much… It may be a little… unappetising as it is…


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