Questions, questions…

Tomorrow is D-Day. Or, more precisely, appointment-with-Lovely-Gynae-Woman-to-find-out-how-screwed-my-uterus-is-day. I am not happy, nor am I looking forward to it. I’d done quite a good job of not thinking about it over the weekend, what with having to go and pick up my (currently sleeping) husband from Heathrow, but now that the appointment is, oh, 15 hours away, I have been reduced to a nervous, slightly shaking mess.

I’ve been thinking of a list of questions to ask her, seeing as when I go into the consulting room, I will probably be struck dumb, and all intelligent conversation will leave my head, except for leaping up onto the examination couch, whipping off my undergarments, and saying “Take it out! Take it out! I want a baby!”  Which, to be fair will be enough to make her run for the hills, let alone anybody else who may happen to be in the vicinity.

So the questions I have thought of are:

  1. Is my uterus buggered?
  2. What are the chances all the adhesions have gone?
  3. How significant is heaviness, or lack thereof, of periods?
  4. How significant is colour of periods?
  5. How significant is it that my uterus spots and complains for a few days before I actually bleed?
  6. Do any of the above mean that my adhesions have returned?
  7. I have read (that hated phrase!) that some doctors feel that IUDs are BAD for the endometrium of someone with Asherman’s – is there any truth in that?
  8. Can you take the coil out please?
  9. Can we try and get pregnant?
  10. If I do get pregnant will I automatically be treated as high risk?
  11. If I do get pregnant will I automatically get fortnightly cervical monitoring due to the risk of cervical incompetence?
  12. If neither of the above are true can you state in your letter to the GPs that I need both?
  13. What are my chances of getting pregnant?
  14. How long do we have to try for before trying something else, seeing as we all know what that there is a problem, and what the problem is?
  15. Can I have some progesterone to take if I do get pregnant?

And that’s all I could think of. Can anyone think of anything else I should ask? Not that the poor woman hasn’t got enough to do by answering those questions, but she’s being paid handsomely for it…


2 responses to “Questions, questions…

  1. I don’t know what to ask, obviously. I do hope that you get the answers that you need and that things work out for you…

    Good luck tomorrow.

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