The reproductive system has its revenge?

So, I decided to stop having needles stuck into me, and to stop drinking haematoma-like herbs, as they just didn’t seem to be doing anything for the Uterus of Doom. I have, however, kept doing my temperatures. I suppose that on the vague off-chance that I am allowed to have the wretched coil removed, and am deemed to have enough endometrium to try to get pregnant again, I should probably have some clue about my cycles and when I ovulate in the name of “getting pregnant as quickly  and with as little drama as possible” (ha! As if!).

Now that I think about it, I used to know when I ovulated when I had the mirena coil in. It used to wake me up, at 5am, exactly two weeks before my period started. This was probably a bit weird, and the same thing doesn’t happen now. I wonder why? Oh well, never mind.

So, I have continued to chart my temperatures, and have discovered that this cycle, when I am taking no herbs and having no stabbings, my temperature is behaving far better than it did when I was having the treatment. Ironic? Possibly. Pleasing? Yes, actually. I have a strange urge to shout “Ha! I’m better without you!” at Needle-Woman. I must control my childish urges…

Since I removed the offending item from our balcony, another wrapper has appeared, this time on the table on the balcony. It is disturbing me. There is only one item there at any one time, and pretty much as soon as I work up the nerve to remove one, another appears. Is there a neighbour who does this on purpose? Is there a condom fairy who keeps us in a regular supply of used products? Why would anybody in their right mind be amused by this behaviour? Totally bizarre.

I am actually quite enjoying the Commonwealth Games, though if I hear the Aussie National Anthem again, I might scream. They insist on showing it every single time they win a gold medal, and they seem to be winning rather a lot of them, sadly. I think the most amusing part has to be their reaction when the English beat them… Suddenly all sorts of excuses come out, and they move quickly on to talking about an event that they have won. I would quite like a break for Junior Masterchef or The Bold and The Beautiful though. I don’t know where I am without them.


2 responses to “The reproductive system has its revenge?

  1. I have developed a theory. If it looks, smells, and tastes disgusting, then there’s a very good reason not to ingest it. Which puts all TCM concoctions automatically on the NO Thank You list. Glad things are behaving more normally this cycle.

    As for the wrappers of Adult Entertainment, never mind. You’ll be coming back to a nice cold damp hemisphere soon, and out-door friskiness and litterbugging (yuk) will be far, far from the thoughts of the populace.

    Happy birthday to Mr Wombat. I never know what to get H, either. I outright ASK him what he wants and he says something infuriating like ‘a piano’ or ‘nothing, really’ or ‘I wish I could have more of that discontinued eau-de-cologne made by that company that went out of business…’. Grr.

    And as for your birthday, oh, my dear girl. I lost my first baby for my 33rd birthday treat. Oh joy. Can’t do birthday parties now. Have to sneak off with H to somewhere Totally Without Family and pretend it’s not happening. But, I have managed to have a very nice time on these Sneaking Off expeditions. I hope you’ll find a good way to cope too.

    • Why do these things always seem to happen on birthdays? I like the idea of sneaking off Away From Family though, must do more often! Whenever I ask Mr Wombat what he wants, he looks at me in a confused sort of way and says “Just my darling.” Which is quite sweet, I suppose, but somewhat annoying when I’m trying to buy him a gift…

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