Not much to report…

Well, it’s the Tuesday after a long weekend, and it’s sunny. Not that that’s an issue, particularly, but after the weekend’s heavy rain and grey skies (much like the British bank holidays, then!) it is a bit annoying that we couldn’t have had nicer weather over the weekend instead of today, when I have to wait in for Evil Landlady to appear.

The reason that Evil Landlady (OK, she’s not exactly EVIL, but she is a typical landlord, who doesn’t like to spend any money on her property, and half the kitchen appliances haven’t worked since we moved in, and she has a habit of hanging up on me whenever I phone her) is coming round is that our hob exploded over the weekend. There was a loud bang from the direction of the kitchen. We thought the fuse had been tripped, so we flipped it back, to be greeted by another loud bang and a green flash from the fuse box. It’s dead now. The hob, that is. I don’t know about the fuse.

In a spirit of not wanting her to complain about the general tidiness of the flat, we have tidied up and cleaned the place. We don’t live like pigs, but we do want our deposit back, and she’s the sort that would love to keep it… Unfortunately this also involved removing a used condom from our balcony. We have a nice balcony, you can see the harbour and the opera house from it, and it would be a lovely place to sit out if it didn’t keep having “presents” left on it, and you weren’t concerned about what exactly would fall on your head when you sit on it. The used condom is not ours. We live on the 12th floor, so I’m not exactly sure how it got onto our balcony – the only explanation I can think of is that it came from the flat above, and they would have had to aim to hit our balcony. What kind of weird person does that? We’ve had a few condom wrappers on there before now (again, not ours), but this was the first, um, used product. So I put on my rubber gloves, picked it up using a plastic bag and a stack of tissues, ran towards the waste disposal and threw it in. Then I scrubbed my hands. Urgh! I hope Evil Landlady appreciates it.

I have also decided to give up on Needle-Woman for now. To be fair, we’re coming back to the UK soon, but it really wasn’t helping. The last appointment was truly weird – she didn’t really seem to understand that my period was getting lighter, and kept asking me if it was heavier. She also told me off for having too much heat in my body (sorry, shall I just go and sit in a bath of ice when I’m having a period?) and seems to be far too interested in temperatures when all I really want is more endometrium. I’ll see what Lovely Gynae Woman says when I get back to the UK. Maybe she’ll have some sort of miracle cure to offer?

Apart from that, there really isn’t much to report. The Commonwealth Games have started, so Junior Masterchef has stopped, which is more disappointing than I would have expected. Even more upsetting is the fact that I can’t watch The Bold and The Beautiful. That is tragic!

And I might scream if I hear/read one more new mother complaining about their baby and how they don’t sleep anymore. I know it’s tiring, but please, appreciate what you’ve been given, and show some tact and sensitivity.


4 responses to “Not much to report…

  1. We’re looking forward to having you back as well..

    • Thank you! Flight may have been booked – just waiting for confirmation from the in-laws who used their airmiles to buy it for me! And I think it isn’t economy! (Oh the excitement. I think I’m more excited about not flying economy than anything else!) Will let you know dates etc soon… x

  2. Condoms on the balcony – *shudder*.

    I gave up on my Needle-Woman because she decided it’d be comforting and sensible to tell me most women don’t KNOW they’ve had an early miscarriage, so it’s really quite common, you see (i.e. not a big deal). Given that acupuncture was supposed to be relaxing and she’d just made me as tense and irritable and STABBY as a hungover wasp… I didn’t go back. I’m all for science, now, me, she added hypocritically.

    I’m afraid I love the Games. I have a ridiculous passion for athletics and gymnastics, especially given my notion of hard exercise being lifting coffee-mug to mouth.

    Fingers crossed for your endometrium.

    • Gosh, how incredibly insensitive of your Needle-Woman! I would have been sorely tempted to stab her with her own needles… I’m not surprised you gave up!
      I quite like the games too… I have just become addicted to terrible Australian TV during my time here. Definitely time to come home! Although I must admit, it was very amusing last night when the Aussie commentator threw a strop as an English person dared to win a gold medal…
      Lifting coffee is hard exercise… especially if it’s a very big coffee…

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