Spontaneous combustion is imminent

Hmmm… This temperature charting thing is bizarre. After early spikiness, my temperatures have been resolutely stable until the last 5 days, when they have been going up and up and up. There seems to be no stopping them! This morning it was 37.2! If it carries on like this with nothing happening I am clearly going to spontaneously combust, or melt into a large puddle on the floor. Either way is likely to be messy.

I am intrigued to see what Needle-Woman is going to say about it this afternoon. She can’t blame alcohol this time. And I am wearing my fluffy socks just to please her. Though my feet may now melt, or get very sweaty and smelly as a result of my ever-increasing temperature and, well, the fact that this is Australian springtime, and therefore much like a British Summer. Except for the smell, which here is a mix of cigarette smoke (I am shocked by how many people smoke here) and funny trees. British Summers smell like grass, and flowers, and freshness, and proper barbecues…

I saw Needle-Woman on Saturday. She was gliding through the park on a scooter thing. Like the ones you have when you’re about 3? I didn’t say hello. mostly as I was carrying a large bucket of KFC and a can of coke. Not foods to increase my kidney ying at all. I’m hoping she didn’t notice.

The Uterus of Doom is, well, to be honest I have no idea what she’s doing. She was supposed to start performing yesterday or today, but hasn’t as yet. She could be sitting with her fingers in her ears singing “La la la! I can’t hear you!” for all I know. What I do know is that she has been cramping a bit, and my left breast feels like it is on fire. Just my left, you understand, not my right. My right feels completely normal. A bit of balance is apparently too much to ask. Oh well, here’s hoping, without too much enthusiasm or getting up of hopes, that this period is better. Sigh.

My friend, J, who is an English girl, in Sydney temporarily much like I am, has gone home. So I am now lonely. I think I will feel very lost not being able to go round to her place for a cup of tea or 99 after my session with Needle-Woman. I like J. She miscarried around the same time I did (which was how we met actually, on t’internet afterwards) and is now pregnant again (lucky woman) but she’s very good about it. A pregnant woman I enjoy spending time with; she’s very tactful about it, and has more than one topic of conversation, which is pleasant. I do have other friends, but they all either work during the day or have just given birth and I don’t feel particularly inclined to go and coo over their children.

Luckily, I have found The Best Ice Cream Place In The World, which is helping. My favourite flavour is orange-caramel-choc-chip, but yesterday I had salted caramel and white chocolate (yum!) and limoncello (also yum!). When we do come home I will be huge, and it will all be ice cream. If anyone is in Sydney, or is going to Sydney and wants ice cream, just ask and I will tell you where it is.

Tonight, I am going to an Argentinian restaurant to Eat Meat. It happens to be next to the ice cream place. Dessert anyone?

I had a very strange dream last night. I was supposed to be going out for a girly night at the pub, and my friend H appeared with her new baby. I burst into tears and asked her how she could do this to me in public, without warning me she was going to bring her baby first. H then accused me of fancying her husband, to which I replied that there was no way I would fancy her husband when I had a man like I do at home (awww…) She then told me that she fancied my husband too. The dream changed then, and I went round to H’s house. H had put her baby in a box she’d made, that was supposed to be a star, but looked like a coffin. She wasn’t impressed when I accused her of putting her baby in a coffin. I can’t imagine why not! Oh dear. Interpretations, anyone?

I had some chocolate earlier, and have consequently covered my top in chocolate. Is it ever possible to eat chocolate without getting it all over yourself? I should go and buy a bib…


2 responses to “Spontaneous combustion is imminent

  1. Tasmania smells lovely in Spring, Sydney is just a smelly hell hole. It must be really hard being so far away from your friends and family when you are going through such a hard time. I’m not infertile and I have had 3 children, and lost 2, but I do feel for you. I have dreams sometimes where I have lost them and I wake up with such an empty feeling, that I can imagine is only a tiny feeling of what you feel. I hope you have some success with the needle lady, I used Kineseology after an ectopic pregnancy and got pregnant 2 months later. Talk about a weird experience! Was willing to try anything at that stage though. Hope all goes well for you and your husband xx

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