Hugs, please

I now know 7 people who have given birth in the past two weeks. I am still not one of them.

How do I manage to cope with this? Is it possible to feel truly happy for someone when this happens ever again? Or am I now stuck forever crying when someone I know has a baby, and feeling jealous and wishing that it was me?

How do I manage to sound and look happy for them when I just want to curl up and cry?

How do I retain hope that our baby is out there, somewhere, and will come someday?

Is this really what my life is going to be like for the next 10-20 years or so until people stop reproducing?


6 responses to “Hugs, please

  1. Unfortunately I fear it’ll get worse. One of my university mate’s daughter has just hit puberty. If she beats me to motherhood …

  2. *Hug*

    I can’t do much more than that.

  3. I don’t know how you cope with it. I’m not exactly COPING with it myself. Sometimes it stings more, sometimes it sings less. Some people I can be genuinely delighted for. But, damn it, I always need a stiff drink after a Special Announcement.

    And sometimes, several stiff drinks and a hearty weep.

    Which doesn’t help.

    • At the moment my “coping strategy” seems to consist of sobbing, Mr W saying “don’t let it upset you, it doesn’t matter, their baby’s ugly anyway!” and then curling up in bed with a hot water bottle and glass of wine and crying some more. I’m less upset by it if they’ve had bad sad times.
      Oh well… here’s hoping that we can make special announcements of our own someday soon. xxx

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