Spiders and See-saws

The deranged subconscious strikes again.

Last night I dreamt that there was a redback spider in my bedside lamp. I tried to kill it, with my book, but it was strangely resistant to squashing, much like one of those really scary cockroaches. It then started chasing me (this thing was only a few centimetres across…).

So I drove away, in my classic E-type, dark blue (um, where did that come from) and drove away through really narrow rock formations/chasms with my friend Rachel, who’d magically appeared as I was getting into the car and said “Quick! I need to find a husband!” and jumped into the passenger seat.

At the bottom of the rock formations was a playground, so we decided to stop there, as a suitable husband would surely come to find her, and spent the rest of the dream playing on the see-saw.

Any interpretations???


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