I officially hate my subconscious.

Not only did I wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick, I thought to myself “Oh, I felt like this when I was pregnant.” Not that I might have food poisoning or something normal like that, no. I had to leap to the most unlikely conclusion. Of course i’m not pregnant; there is no possibility that I am pregnant, but the thought obviously embedded itself, so that when I went back to sleep, I had one of those dreams.

Not a rude dream, but a dream where things are how you desperately want them to be. I dreamt that I had a son, a gorgeous little newborn baby. I even dreamt about changing his nappy. Oh God, I really want one.

*slaps self*

*tries to focus on reality*


2 responses to “Grrr…

  1. I’ve had dreams like that. Worse, I’ve had dreams like that and in the dream I KNEW I was dreaming, and that when I woke up it’d be the most horrible come-down. And it was.

    Grrrr indeed.

    • The come-down when you wake up is one thing, but the anticipation of the come-down whilst you’re still dreaming? That’s just so cruel…
      Shall I beat your subconscious with a big stick as well as mine?

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