I should really go and do something useful

Just a brief update:

I am currently watching Australian morning TV in my pyjamas whilst surfing. This is not unusual, I do this most days as I am not working at the moment; hence why I spend so much time being needled and also drinking hot chocolate.

Anyway, a woman who is the Australian equivalent of Lorraine Kelly is on TV at the moment. She had one of those video link-up thingies to a correspondent in Melbourne, about celebrity gossip, or something equally as banal. I should mention at this point that Aussie Lorraine Kelly is wearing a red dress. Not unusual, red dresses are nice. It is, however quite obvious that it is a red dress.

The Melbourne correspondent opened her interview with “Oh, Aussie Lorraine Kelly, you look nice today!”

“Oh thanks,” Aussie Lorraine Kelly replies.

“What would we call that colour?” Melbourne correspondent asks.

“Oh, I don’t know!” Says Aussie Lorraine Kelly, looking VERY confused.

Cue me shouting: “It’s red, you idiots! Red! Red! Are you both colourblind?!”



2 responses to “I should really go and do something useful

  1. Glad to hear the quality of daytime TV is being upheld across the globe.

    (I yell at the telly too. Usually at University Challenge. ‘It’s KEATS, you infant! Keats! Say Keats! OMG you said LARKIN!’ etc. for the whole half hour. I’m unbearable).

  2. I would love to be able to yell at University Challenge so I’m very in awe. Unfortunately my normal response is to sit there looking confused and saying “I don’t understand the question…”

    Oh dear…

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